Due to construction, our July 27th Obon Festival will be reduced in size. There will not be any children’s games area, and fewer food choices.

There will be Chow Mein from the temple and limited Bento from Takeya Sushi, which should be pre-ordered, as there will be a limited amount.

Two kinds of Takeya Sushi Bento are available for Pre-purchase. You can order them by phone from Keiko at the Temple office, or using the PayPal buttons below.

(Please note: there is a $0.50 surcharge for online orders, to cover PayPal transaction fees)

Dead line for the preorder is July 19th.

Sukeroku Sushi Bento $8 1pc Inari, 6pcs Kappa, 2pcs Futomaki
Salmon Onigiri Bento $8 2pcs Salmon Onigiri, 1pc Karaage, 1pc Croquette, 2pcs Shumai