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December 2003


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Otaiya Service
Hoonko & December Memorial Service (Shotsuki)
December Board Meeting
Jodo-E (Bodhi Day)
Temple Clean Up
Joya-E (New Year’s Eve Year End Service)

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12 (Mon) 7:30 p.m.
18 (Sun) 11:30 a.m.
Shusho-E (New Year's Day Service)
January Memorial Service (Shotsuki)
January Board Meeting
Fujinkai Annual General Meeting

FRASER VALLEY RESTORATION PROJECT literature and donation envelopes are available at the temple.



4. The Eightfold Path
Transcending the ego-the source of our suffering-is the ultimate goal of Buddha-dharma. Sakyamuni Buddha taught that the way to transcend it was to follow the Eightfold Path, which consists of:

1. Right View: seek the truth.
2. Right Thought: have pure thoughts.
3. Right Speech: speak truthfully.
4. Right Conduct: act truthfully.
5. Right Livelihood: live honestly.
6. Right Endeavour: follow the teachings of the Buddha.
7. Right Mindfulness: think of the Buddha.
8. Right Meditation: recite the Nembutsu.

This Eightfold Path is further grouped under the three types of learning: sila (Buddhist ethics and deportment), samadhi (meditation, concentration), and prajna (higher wisdom), which are considered to embrace all the aspects of Buddhist doctrine and practice. In the Mahayana tradition, the Eightfold Path is summarized in the "six types of practice by which a bodhisattva attains Buddhahood" which are: dana (the act of giving, generosity), sila (ethics and deportment), ksanti (perseverance), virka (diligence), dhyana (meditation) and prajna (higher wisdom).

These are considered the standard practices along the Buddhist Way.
--- taken from "JODO SHINSHU - A GUIDE"

The first six of the Eightfold Path, in the sense of "do not have wicked views," "do not give rise to wicked thoughts," and "do not employ wicked language," can perhaps best be thought of as practices to eliminate wicked acts.

In contrast, the seventh and eighth are practices for positively disciplining the mind. By actually practicing these day by day, one becomes able to control the attachments and desires which cause suffering.

In Gassho, Rev. Nariyuki Hattori


The year is fast coming to an end. Thank you very much for the continued support everyone. The year was another success due to everyone chipping in May. The climax of the year was the temple's 75th Anniversary. Once again, let us ensure that the legacy continues. Please take time out and reflect upon the year. As you reflect and know better ways to improve the temple, please let the executive team and the board know.

The only way the temple can improve is feedback and input from everyone. Let us continue with cooperation, dialogue and supporting each other.

December events and services: Hoonko December 7th and Bonekai December 14th. Hope you see you all at these events. Let's make every effort to attend. It will be so much better if you were in attendance.

In Gassho, Jack Kawabata


Everyone attending this year's Bonenkai are asked to phone the Temple to let us know who is attending from your family, so we can get an idea as to the number of attendees. Bonenkai is on December 14th, 2003 6:00 p.m.


We are planning a mochitsuki get together 7:00 a.m. December 13th. We would ask as many younger members and non-members to come out and help in the production of mochi. We need people to pound, set up and clean up. We plan to make some peanut and honey mochi this year as well. It was rather well received at the Vancouver Otera last year. We will also need quite a few people to help with the washing of gohan on the Friday evening.


Members of our temple will be travelling to Hope on December 6th to take part in a planning meeting regarding regional celebrations to be held in Steveston as well as the Alaska cruise. Book your berth for the Alaska cruise now.

In Gassho, Larry Ryan


ABC (Alberta Buddhist Conference) was held in Lethbridge with guest speakers; Dr. Roy Imamura, WA and Rev. Y. Izumi under the theme "Common Thread". The Bishop also participated in the conference and after the conference visited Rev. Yutetsu Kawamura in Raymond, who is 95 years old.

BCJSBCJ Conference was held on the same weekend of November 8th and 9th in Kelowna with Rev. Eric Matsumoto, Hawaii. Two busloads of people from Vancouver, Steveston and Fraser Valley attended and cherished Buddha-Dharma as well as friendship.

Coming Events:

1. New Governor Rev. S. Hayami will visit Toronto on December 3rd and 4th for the sod turning ceremony of Living Dharma Center, BCC National Project.

2. BCC AGM - April 23rd - 25th, 2004 in Winnipeg.

3.World Jodo Shinshu Coordinating Council May 26th - 27th, 2004 at BCC HQ.

4. Raymond Buddhist Church 75th Anniversary July 3rd - 4th, 2004.

5. Ryukoku Gakuen Summer School July 23rd - August 12th, 2004 in Steveston.

6. Vancouver Buddhist Church Centennial October 9th - 10th, 2004.


1. Toban leaders met on Wed., Oct. 29th to discuss the results of the Food Bazaar, plans for the Craft Fair and Eshin-ni Service in November and purchase of kitchen equipment.

2. BCJSBCF Convention in Kelowna, November 8th and 9th was attended by eleven Steveston Fujinkai members. They had an informative and enjoyable weekend free from the responsibilities of preparing meals. This is often a good opportunity to see how other centers manage the task of meal preparation.

3. Free chow mein night at the Temple's weekly Bingo was held on Wed., November 12th. Toban #3 assisted by several other ladies prepared four woks of chow mein for 147 bingo players and 32 volunteers. The 51 remaining servings were sold for $1.00 each.

4. Craft Fair was held on Sat., November 22nd with a sellout of 40 tables to the crafters who came from various areas of the Lower Mainland (as far as Hope!). The event attracted approximately 700 people who bought items ranging from honey, chocolate pizza and garlic pickles to woodcraft, pictures and dried flower arrangements. There has been a core of crafters who participate each year but with a turnover of some crafters, customers are always ensured of different products every year. The Fujinkai sold sushi and chow mein, which are always popular. Thanks to everyone for helping and supporting this wonderful event.

5. Information which may be useful to shoppers: Ming Wo has 20% off regular price merchandise for seniors (over 60) on the first Monday of each month. This coincides with Zeller's senior day.

6. In his Dharma talk during the Eshin-ni Nikko Memorial service on Nov. 23rd, Hattori Sensei commented that the present Fujinkai members are carrying on the work of the members who have passed away. He observed that if we fulfill our tasks with a sense of duty we will encounter difficulties, but if we perform our roles with gratitude we will find ease and joy.

Also if anyone has seen any blue enamelled canners, please let Hiroko know. She has been checked out hardware stores (Ace, Home, Steveston Marine), dept. stores (Sears, Bay, Home Outfitters), Winners, Costco, Real Canadian Superstore and even second stores but has seen only one, which is too large and way too expensive. Thank you.

Continuing Mysteries

1. Dharma School gatha booklets (in dark duo tangs) remain missing. Around 50 booklets were in a box underneath the small table in the Hondo. This has been a mystery since the 2003 December clean up. Any ideas?

2. Taiko Club is trying to locate fabric drum covers in black and red.

In Gassho, Hiroko Yoshihara


We went to the BCJSBCF convention on November 7th to 9th. It was nice to see old acquaintances and meet new. The Kelowna Fujinkai made delicious food, as usual, a good time was had by all.

We will be having Mochitsuki on December 13th. Come and join in and pound up some mochi. We always have a good time and lots of laughs. You can always take your frustrations from work off on the mochi.

On December 14th, we will be holding Bodhi Day. Please bring non-perishable foods and unused toys for the food bank. Dharma school will be having their Bodhi Day party. Please RSVP and let us know if you will be joining us or not. We are planning pizza for lunch. We are hoping to have BK join us.

Dharma school will finish of the season on December 21st and resume again on January 11, 2004. It's hard to believe it's almost the end of the year.

We wish everyone an enjoyable holiday season. Keep warm and stay safe. Happy Holidays everyone.

In Gassho, Genevieve Iwata


Our next performance is on November 8th at the Steveston Community If you love mochi, have never had it, or just wondered how it was made...then you must come to the Temple's mochitsuki event on Saturday, Dec. 13th at 9:00 am. We will be pounding rice to make some kagami mochi for the Bonenkai on Sunday, Dec. 14th. We will also be taking mochi orders for Temple members. Please call the Temple and leave your name and phone number with the secretary so we know how many families are interested. Remember to wash and soak your rice at home and bring it to the Temple on Sat. morning.

We are trying to make this a social event involving younger and experienced members. If you are interested in learning about mochi or can help, please call the Temple or Doug Masuhara at (604) 278-7264 right away. We hope that many of you will come out and help keep this wonderful tradition going.

In Gassho, Doug Masuhara

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