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December 2005


03 (Sat) 2:00 p.m
04 (Sun) 2:00 p.m

10 (Sat) 9:00 a.m
11 (Sun) 10:30 a.m
11 (Sun) 6:00 p.m
12 (Mon) 7:30 p.m
18 (Sun) 9:00 a.m.
31 (Sat) 11:00 p.m.
Ho-onko & December Memorial
Service (Shotsuki)
Jodo-e (Bodhi Day)
December Board Meeting
Temple Clean-Up
Joya-e (New Yearís Eve, Year End)

01 (Sun) 10:30 a.m
08 (Sun) 10:30 a.m
09 (Mon) 7:30 p.m
15 (Sat) 11:30 a.m.
29 (Sun) 1:00 p.m.
New Year's Day Service
January Memorial Service (Shotsuki)
January Board Meeting
Fujinkai AGM

Winners of B.C.J.S.B.C.F. Raffles Draw on November 12th at Vancouver Buddhist Temple

1st Prize $1,500 - Mrs. S. Oye - Steveston
2nd Prize $1,000 - Barbara Shimizu - Vancouver
3rd Prize $500 - Susan Hirose - Steveston
4th Prize $300 each - Mari Cameron & A. Hokazono
5th Prize $200 each - Yuki Tanemura, Milly Lu, Aiko Ohori & Kuni Ikuta


If you love mochi, have never had it, or just wondered how it was made... then you must come out on Saturday, December 10th to the Temple's mochitsuki event. We will be starting at 9:00 am, so bring your apron and your muscles. Everyone is welcome!!!! We will be pounding rice to make kagami mochi for the Bonenkai on Sunday, December 11th.

If you are coming to help and want some mochi for yourself, please wash and soak your rice at home and bring it to the Temple on Saturday morning.

We are trying to make this a social cultural event involving younger and experienced members. If you are interested in learning about mochi or can help, please call the Temple or Doug Masuhara at (604) 278-7264 right away. We hope that many of you will come out and help to keep this wonderful tradition going.


This year doesnít seem to be slowing down whatsoever. As of this writing the BCJSBCF AGM/Convention has just concluded. This yearís executives are:

President: Lori North (Vancouver)
Vice President: Larry Ryan (Steveston)
Treasurer: Frank Hamanishi (Vancouver)
Secretary: Jeanne Ryan (Steveston)

The 2006 AGM/Convention will be hosted by the Steveston Buddhist Temple. We will be calling upon members to help make this a successful event.

We have a quite a few activities to the end of the year: temple, cleanup, Bonenkai, Craft Fair, Ho-onko/Shotsuki, Bodhi Day, Mochitsuki, and Joya-e.

Mother Nature has been quite busy as well, what with hurricanes, earthquakes and Avian flu. The temple will be soliciting donations for Earthquake relief.

Membership is a continuous concern. Feel free to invite a friend or acquaintance to a temple service or function. We have quite a bit of information in the temple library for those interested in learning more about Buddhist and our Jodo Shin Shu tradition. Letís not keep the Dharma a secret. We have a wonderful facility as well as Sangha. Let us share with the greater community.

OFUSE Just a reminder, when you request the services of the temple Sensei. There should be two envelopes: one for the Sensei and one for the temple.

75TH ANNIVERSARY Another reminder there are still quantities of the anniversary group photo, ochigo/sensei photo and anniversary clocks. If you havenít received yours, please let the office know.

FUJII SENSEI By the time you read this, Fujii Sensei will have been working at the Toronto Buddhist Church for several weeks. We enjoyed his enthusiasm and his facility in English. Good Luck Sensei.

We are holding a potluck party to welcome aboard Kikuchi Sensei and visiting Guest Speaker Miyakawa Sensei for Ho-onko on Saturday, December 3rd at 6pm. You are most welcome to join us and bring a friend by all means. If you are interested, please call Jeanne Ryan at (604) 946-9982.


November is the month we prepare for winter season. I see some white stuff in the mountains now. May this mail find you in good health and spirit in the Boundless Light of Compassion of Amida Buddha through the Name: Namoamidabutsu.

Happy news from Hongwanji; Shinmonsama Rev. Kojun Ohtani, the first son of Monshu Koshin Ohtani and Lady Noriko, is to marry with Miss Ruzumi Furukawa in the spring of 2006. The transition of new generation will be near.

Rev. Tatsuya Aokiís father passed away on October 16th in Hokkaido, Japan. Although Sensei was too busy to go back for the funeral, he will take a break to go back and join the family in Japan to pay tribute. I wish to join with many friends across Canada to convey my sympathy to him and his family.

Governor Shoei Takeda of Hongwanji is scheduled to visit BCC to present the Gomonshuís Message on 750th Memorial Service of Shinran Shonin. He will visit Lethbridge on Friday Nov 11 during Alberta Buddhist Convention and also visit Vancouver on Sunday during the BC Buddhist Convention.

Rev. Tomofumi Fujii will finish his orientation here in Richmond/Vancouver and leave Vancouver on Nov 18th to assume assignment at Toronto Buddhist Church as of Dec 1st.

Rev. Masumi Kikuchi of TBC will move to Richmond on Nov 28th to serve at Steveston Buddhist Temple as of Dec 1st. May I ask your support to those young ministers.

Environmental Awareness: Itís nonsense if cleaning means only removing the garbage.


Date : Sunday, December 11th Time : 6:00 p.m.
Place : Steveston Buddhist Temple Cost : $10 per person (collect at the door)
R.S.V.P. : Before Friday, December 2nd Office (604)277-2323

* We would appreciate any canned or dry goods to donate to the Richmond Food Bank on behalf of our temple

FUJINKAI NEWS - Hiroko Yoshihara

Eshinni Nikko and Fujinkai Memorial Service. This annual service was well attended as we gathered to remember the 124 Fujinkai members who have passed away. 2005 was a sad year with the loss of five members: Nobuko Morimoto, Sandra Maekawa, Kikuyo Kuriyama, Kiyoko Hamanishi and Harue Yoshida. Gifts of genmai tea were given to those who came.

Craft Fair. The public were lined up in front of the gym doors before the 10 a.m. opening. The first two hours were extremely busy for the craftspeople. Vintage jewelry was one of the trends this year. The recently retired ladies came to help with the production of California roll and chow mein. The unexpected and expected assistance of four men was a comfort to us. Thank you to Elmer, Doc, Doug and Ken (heís the expected help!) The proceeds of the turkey draw will go to the Red Cross (Pakistani Earthquake Relief).

As this is will be in the December newsletter, there are some items to pass on:

  1. Rev. Kiribayashiís Fukuoko Kyoku donated 20,000 Japanese yen to the Fujinkai on the occasion of their BCC Centennial visit in August. Thank you. Your generosity is appreciated. Senseiís email letter is posted on the Fujinkai bulletin board.
  2. Fujinkai presented Sonoko Ishiyama with a gold wisteria pendant with a diamond as a farewell gift before the family returned to Japan in October.
  3. Kamloops Japanese Canadian cookbook is again available at $14. Proceeds from the 25 copies will be given to BCCWF who have incurred some unexpected expenses.

Challenges ahead in 2006. As the Fujinkai ladies retire from active duties, those remaining face some unique challenges. Changes are an integral part of life. As the temple moves ahead into merging some of the Fujinkai tasks with the Bukkyokai, the expectation is that the non-Fujinkai women members will be able to participate more. We have to change our thinking and behavior, as some of the temple tasks are not automatically assigned to Fujinkai women. All men and women are capable of doing all that is required in running of the temple. This place is one of equal opportunity.


On Bodhi Day, we will be holding our annual Food Bank and Toy drive. We are requesting non-perishable foods and unused toys.

We will not be having family service on December 18th. We will start up again on January 8th, 2006.

We are wishing you all a Happy and Safe Holiday Season. Make it a New Yearís resolution to come to temple more often and bring your children and grand children.

Flowers for the Nokotsudo Memorial Garden welcome.

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