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February 2004


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Nehan-e (Nirvana Day)
Bukkyokai AGM
February Memorial Service (Shotsuki)
February Board Meeting
Fujinkai Dana Day

MARCH 2004
07 (Sun) 2:00 p.m.

08 (Mon) 7:30 p.m.
21 (Sun) 12:00 noon
27 (Sat) 10:00 a.m.
Ohigan, March Memorial Service (Shotsuki)
and Installation of New Officers (2004)
March Board Meeting


“Engi” is a shortened form, using the second and fourth characters, of the four-character expression in-nen-sho-ki.

The four-character phrase means that everything has a cause and a condition. “Cause”(in) are the factors which directly bring about a result, and “condition”(en) refers to factors which complement the direct factors. The example of a flower is often used to explain this.

A flower blooms because seeds are planted and shoots come forth. Therefore, the seed is the direct cause (in) for the blooming of the flower.

However, flowers will not grow simply from seeds. They must be given water and sunshine. In this instance, water and sunlight are indirect factors causing the flower to bloom, and are, in other words, “conditions” (en).

In the same way that a flower is made to bloom as a result of the “cause” of the seed and the “conditions” of the water and sunshine, all existences including ourselves are not realized independently, but rather are materialized as a result of various causes and conditions.

Hence all phenomena are manifested as a result of the mutual relationship of innumerable causes and conditions. Engi refers to the fact that when those causes and conditions change, the phenomena too will change. Therefore, this is connected to “impermanence” (all things arise, change, and are extinguished) and “no self” (nothing is absolute and immutable).

We have recited the Nembutsu, Namo Amida Butsu, because Amida Buddha has been thinking of us.

In Gassho, Rev. Nariyuki Hattori


Happy New Year, everyone. I hope this year we make a group resolution. That is what we do to make the temple better.

As previously mentioned, the budget is very lean this year. With everyone’s contribution and support we will overcome.

Thank you Fujinkai for making the sandwiches for Bingo. Please continue to do so. It is greatly appreciated.

Despite everything, let us keep optimistic with a positive attitude.

In Gassho, Jack Kawabata


Members of the Fraser Valley Temple have been very busy, cleaning the Hondo, as well as removing old flooring. This is in preparation for plumbing, heating and electrical work to be done. After this work is done, we will be called upon to help in doing finishing work.

Just a reminder, for those who want to purchase 75th anniversary pictures i.e. group photo and Ochigo & Sensei photo, to call Chizuru san at the temple (604) 277-2323. Each picture is $15.00. Ochigo San participants receive a free photo. I’m a sure a parent and some grandparents would like to have one of these photos.

In Gassho, Larry Ryan


Happy New Year to everyone!

Looking back the past year, we had experienced a series of unforgettable events such as Iraq War, SARS, blackouts in the East, Forest Fire and flood in the West, and more recently BSE and Iran earthquake.

I cannot help wishing a very peaceful year in 2004. In the beginning of 2004, I created the following poem.

Nembutsu no Tane Taiheiyou wo koeshiyori,
Kurutoshi hyakunen Tomoni Mukaen.
(Since the seed of the Nembutsu crossing the Pacific Ocean, next year will be our Centennial. Let us together welcome it.)

We have only less than 20 months before the celebration. May I ask each and everyone for your support and cooperation.

Ingo (posthumous honourable title) was recently presented to the late Mr. Hiroshi Hamade, Steveston, and the late Mr. Ken Honkawa, Fraser Valley.

In Gassho, Bishop Orai Fujikawa

Bishop represented all Buddhists to join Interfaith Memorial Service for the victims of Iran Earthquake at Islam Temple on Jan 1st at 8:30pm.

Bishop is scheduled to speak at the World Religions Conference in UBC on Jan 22nd.

Coming Events:

BCC AGM April 22nd - 25th, 2004 in Winnipeg

World Buddhist Women’s Representative Meeting Apr 29th, 30th in Honolulu

World Jodo Shinshu Council May 26th - 27th, 2004 in Richmond

BCC Centennial Memoir article - Deadline June, 2004

Raymond Buddhist Church 75th Anniversary July 3rd - 4th, 2004

Ryukoku Gakuen Summer School July 23rd - Aug 12th 2004 in Richmond

Temple Leaders Seminar at Hongwanji, Kyoto - October 2004 (tba)

Vancouver Buddhist Church Centennial October 9th - 10th, 2004.


The annual general meeting on Sunday, January 18th went smoothly. Decisions were made on the following items:

1. Donations:

a. $2,000 from the Eshin Nikko bank account will be forwarded to the BCC Ministerial Retirement Fund.

b. $500 will be donated to the International Red Cross earmarked for the victims of the recent Iranian earthquake.

c. $1,000 will be given to our Temple to cover part of the expenses for the Keirokai.

2. Utility payment to the Temple will be increased to $1,500 from $500 as the cost of heat and light have gone up significantly. This is long overdue.

3. Manse. In preparation for Hattori Sensei’s marriage, a new bedroom suite and a vacuum cleaner will be purchased from the Women’s Auxiliary funds.

4. Annual outing for Fujinkai members. A bus trip to Saltspring Island is a possibility. Please look for more details in following newsletters.

5. Eshin Nikko memorial service for 2004 will utilize more than one incense burner in order to shorten the time for incense offering.

Changeover meeting will be take place on Sunday, June 25th. More details will be finalized at this time to ensure we have a successful year.

Please remember to attend our annual Dana Day service on Sunday, February 15th at 2:00 p.m.

When I was at the Lethbridge Honpa Church last week, I noticed photos from the Jodo Shinshu Hospital in Kisii, Kenya. The buildings are remarkable. As part of the BCCWF, the Steveston Fujinkai can take some credit for being part of this wonderful project as the donations from the Dana Day service go to BCCWF who in turn send the funds to Mr. and Mrs. Osaka in Kenya. Thank you!

In Gassho, Hiroko Yoshihara


We hope everyone had a good holiday season. We’d like to wish every one a Happy New Year.

We had a visit by Lama Kathleen Rutherford of Toronto on January 18. She gave us a Dharma talk and did a short question and answer period. We then had coffee and tea with her, her son and her son’s mother-in-law. She teaches Vidriana classes in Toronto.

We will be having a Valentine lunch and party on February 15th. Please join us.

For those that can attend, don’t forget we have Annual General Meeting on February 1st.

We hold family services at 10:30 a.m. on Sundays. If there are any inquiries, please Rev. Hattori at (604) 277-2323.

On Valentines Day - February 14th, we will be having a pot luck lunch so each family please bring a dish.

In Gassho,
Genevieve Iwata


Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and the late white Christmas we had. I apologize for missing the January Newsletter deadline, so here is the Mochitsuki report now.

The Mochitsuki was very successful and well attended. We had a good mix of young and old, Fujinkai, Dharma School, judo, kendo, and taiko members all helped out. Even Reverend Hattori, was pounding rice! Another highlight was seeing Roy Akune and Bob Hamaura, making little mochi cakes in their lovely aprons! Come by next year and check them out.

Mochitsuki was a great learning opportunity for the younger members. It was wonderful to see all the younger members working alongside the experienced ones. With more practice, we will soon have our next generation of mochi makers.

This successful event would not have been possible without everyone's help and encouragement. The Mochitsuki Committee thanks all the people who came and helped. Special thanks to the following people for picking up supplies, washing and cooking rice, and set up and clean up: Reverend Hattori, Larry and Jeanne Ryan, Lina Arima, Sazare Morizawa, Kayoko Nishi, Ted Hirose, Sally Masuhara and girls.

Extra special thanks to Mr. Toshio Murao, for the use of his mochi machine and for showing us beginners what to do.

Also to Joyce Ang, for helping wash rice and for taking pictures showing all the stages of our mochi making. Those people that saw Joyce's photos at the Bonenkai, really enjoyed them. A wonderful way to preserve our temple’s history and to share with others.

Please come out next year and join in the fun. See you there!


What a wonderful 75th Anniversary we celebrated last September. If you did not have a chance to attend or would like to watch some of the highlights from the two days again - there is a video available for you to borrow from the Temple. The video features the entertainment from Saturday evening, the Ochigo Parade, Sunday Service, the new photo gallery and much more.

Please contact Chizuru at the Temple office to sign out the video. Enjoy the memories!

In Gassho, Doug Masuhara

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