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January 2005


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January Memorial Service (Shotsuki)
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January Board Meeting
Fujinkai Annual General Meeting
Bukkyokai Annual General Meeting

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February Memorial Service (Shotsuki)
Nehan-e (Nirvana Day)
February Board Meeting
Fujinkai Dana Day


“Immeasurable Light and Life.” I send you my greeting at the beginning of the New Year.

May we all live every precious moment of life with the Nembutsu. In thinking about the world today, all the gloomy topics like the Iraqi war, civil wars, famine, the spreading AIDS, and the deterioration of public security come to mind. It was not only during the 9.11 attack in which many innocent lives were taken. I wonder how is the situation around you. In the last year, Japan was tormented by typhoons, floods, and earthquakes, and it also seems that people’s hearts have seriously become cold and insensitive.

Buddhism starts with the fact that life is filled with suffering. This view does not seem to be popular in present-day Japan because some people find it to be somber.

However , any positive feeling or bravery, which seemingly may be gained by concealing what one does not like, is simply a camouflage and will only deepen our confusion.. Genuine hope and strength cannot be gained except by accepting one’s suffering. Even if the world around you may be inhumane, sometimes you may feel or remember the kindness or warm eyes of people. The first people that come to mind may be your parents or grandparents, but it can also be someone whom you have met for the first time or other things such as animals and plants. If you can realize the working of Amida Tathagata’s compassionate heart beyond them, you can follow the way of living in which you accept yourself as well as the lives of others and support each other.

Let us live each day to the utmost, with joy and an appreciation of life.

January 1, 2005

Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha


Another year has come and gone. The help and support received from the membership was outstanding.

May I take this opportunity to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Prosperous 2005.

“Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through Understanding”. (Albert Einstein)

Let us always keep in mind that we need each other. Everyone has a role to insure the temple prospers and succeeds. With everyone’s help and support it is possible.

Once again thank you everyone for another successful year.

In Gassho, Jack Kawabata

Inter-Temple Affairs

The Third Overseas District Lay Leaders Seminar was held at the Hongwanji, November 25-27, 2004. Members from Vancouver, Steveston, Lethbridge and Toronto temples participated in this seminar along with Bishop Fujikawa and his wife. We all took the opportunity to attend early morning service each morning (6:30 a.m.) It is quite an experience to chant out loud with hundreds of Jodo Shinshu followers as well as senseis. There were limited chairs available for the elderly and western visitors. You had to get there early or have to try to sit seiza.

We all got to meet and shake hands with the Monshu on the first day of the seminar, following his message. We all gathered for a group photo with the Monshu. Concluding this activity we adjourned for lunch. After lunch we were taken on a whirlwind tour of historical sites in Kyoto relating to Shinran Shonin and Jodo Shinshu. These sites are: Suminobo Betsuin, Nishiyama Besuin, Rokklakudo Temple, Kitayama Betsuin, Shoren-in Temple, Otani mausoleum, Yamashina Betsuin and Hino Tanjo-in. We all took a great deal of photos of these inspiring sites.

The second day consisted of classroom lectures and discussion groups, concerning the history of our tradition as well as Hongwanji structure and propagation. Late in the afternoon we were given a tour of the Founders Hall restoration as well as key building of the compound. This was followed in the evening by a banquet in our favour hosted by Governor General Fujikawa at Tokyu Hotel.

The third day (Saturday) consisted of a Dharma Talk by Professor Arai of Soai University followed by a closing service. We attendees received our certificates. Kiyo Domai delivered a message of appreciation on behalf of the participants. Later in the afternoon we all attended the Sarana affirmation, where we each received our Homyo.

The staff of the International Department couldn’t do enough for us. They bent over backwards to make our stay comfortable. When they learned that I had just received news of my mother’s death, they arranged a wake service. This was very comforting, while being far from home. Being with these people and members of our tour brought out the beauty of the Sangha.

Yamane sensei (Shinbun reporter) drove us to Yamada-ya where we were able to buy a large Mochi machine. Following the purchase, we headed to the Kyoto Central Post Office and arranged shipment to Steveston by express post. (Arrived the day after our return). Once this mission was completed we were able to relax and try such delights as a MOS burger and Sento. The food was terrific.

We were now on our own. The weather was unseasonably warm and sunny, leading us to refer to our trip as: Ju Gatsu Haru or December Spring. Our group made very good use of our Japan Rail Passes. With these passes in hand we traveled by Shinkansen and local rail to Wayakama, Gobo, Hiroshima, Himeji, Miyajima, Shin-Osaka and Tokyo.

Being able to speak even limited Japanese was an asset. It allowed us to go places and see things we might never have experienced. We met many polite and helpful persons. People would hear Lori and Kiyo speaking English, and offer to help. They were curious as to where we were from. Strangers would automatically begin speaking to Lori and Kiyo in Japanese and seemed quite surprised when I would do the answering. This has inspired me to resume my language studies, especially Hiragana and Katagana.

All in all it was a fascinating adventure. We are deeply indebted to the temple for making this experience possible.

In Gassho, Larry Ryan


Bob Hamaura has been nominated by the board to be the election committee chair. The chairman may select as many people as necessary to assist him in counting the ballots.

The suggested schedule is:

Jan 21st
Jan 23rd 1:00 pm
Jan 30th 1:00 pm
- Ballots to be returned to office before this date.
- Ballot counting


To all members and friends of the Steveston Buddhist Temple:

Please feel free to place flowers from your garden in the Memorial Garden. There are enough vases to accommodate your generous offering.

In Gassho, The Nokotsudo Committee


December is the month to commemorate Bodhi Day, one of the three holy days in the life history of Shakyamuni Buddha; the other two are Nirvana Day in February and Hanamatsuri in April. He had attained Enlightenment on December 8th 2500 years ago.

This Bodhi Day among the three, however, is very important in Jodo Shinshu tradition that, according to Shinran Shonin Shakyamuni appeared into human life to solely introduce the teaching of Primal Vow of Amida Buddha.

Although it was a small group, eight participants from BCC successfully completed Hongwanji Seminar on Nov 25-27, 2004 in Kyoto and enjoyed their extended trip in the season of Fall in Japan.

Environmental awareness: Recycle is the first step to save the Earth.

Requests from the Bishop: To the general membership, please give generously to the needy in this festive season. To the temple boards, give consideration when you review the bonus and salary of your resident minister.

Coming Events:

Jan 1, 2005

Jan 9, 2005

Feb 18-20, 2005

Apr 23-24, 2005

May 18-19, 2005

New Year’s Day

Issuance Ceremony in Kyoto by Monshu Phtani
Koshin proclaiming 750th Memorial of Shinran Shonin

Northwest Buddhist Conference in Tacoma, Wash

BCC AGM in Steveston

World Jodo Shinshu Coordinating Council in Kyoto

B.C.C. Centennial Celebrations in 2005

Aug 20, 2005 Eastern District in Toronto

Aug 21, 2005 Manitoba District in Winnipeg

Aug 23, 2005 Alberta District in Lethbridge

Aug 25, 2005 BC District in Steveston


BCCWF Banner Project to Assist Fraser Valley Buddhist Temple.
$440 will soon be forwarded to BCCWF from donations received from signatures on the Banner. The grand total raised throughout Canada will be announced in 2005.

Eshinni-ko Memorial and Late Fujinkai Members Service.
In recent years, the funds raised have been designated for the BCC Ministerial Assistance Fund and BCC Ministerial Retirement Fund. If you have any suggestions for this year’s project, please put forward to the Fujinkai executive.

Baby Shower
Over 80 ladies attended this happy event. Members of the three tobans and the Floater group prepared the refreshments. There were games and plentiful food so everyone enjoyed the afternoon.

Christmas Light Tour
Two buses were reserved for the evening of December 18. We were fortunate to be blessed with an warm and dry night. One of the drivers was unfamiliar with the Vancouver area but as a result we made some unexpected “detours” which led to some beautiful sites. Some highlights (planned) : Canuck Place Hospice was magical, Saint Paul’s Hospital was impressive, Stanley Park (by the railway) was festive and full of people and the 6 blocks of Trinity Street were simply wonderful and fun!

Lost and Found
There are some unclaimed blouses and jackets in the Fujinkai change room… Also a glass lid to Corningware from the September potluck.

Thank you
Throughout 2004, we have been enriched by the support of our members in our ventures. Thank you for your physical, “hands on” assistance, monetary contributions and positive attitudes. For 2005, we extend our wishes for everyone’s good health and happiness.

In Gassho, Hiroko Yoshihara


We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy holiday season and a Happy New Year. Keep your selves safe and healthy. Good health, happiness and prosperity to everyone!!

On January 9th, 2005 we will begin family services again.

We are hoping to have a group to go to the Northwest Convention in Tacoma 18th, 19th and 20th. There is a group of ten going from Vancouver. It will be an opportunity to promote the Centennial Celebration.

In Gassho,
Genevieve Iwata, Dharma School


Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays!

The Mochitsuki was a successful event even though we did not have as many people coming out like last year. We still had a good mix of young and old, Fujinkai, Dharma School, and taiko members all helped out. One highlight was seeing Bob Hamaura in his lovely apron again! Check out his picture in the Temple on-line newsletter.

Mochitsuki was a great learning opportunity for the younger members. It was wonderful to see the younger members working alongside the experienced ones. I even learned the proper way to make the little mochis. Domo arigato, Fujinkai for showing me what to do!! With more practice, we will soon have our next generation of mochi makers.

This event would not have been possible without everyone's help and encouragement. The Mochitsuki Committee thanks all the people who came and helped. Special thanks to the following people for picking up supplies, washing and cooking rice, and set up and clean up: Fujinkai - Mrs. Morishita, Tomiko Sakai, Mitzi Sakai, Mrs. Kuriyama, and Miyuki Nita; Larry Ryan and Kiyo Domai for getting the mochi machine from Japan; Jeanne Ryan, Lina and Hideko Arima, Ken and Hiroko Yoshihara, Doug and Sally Masuhara, and Dharma School.

Extra special thanks to Mr. Morishita for the use of his mochi machine and to Mrs. Morishita and other Fujinkai for washing all the mochi rice. Also to Joyce Ang, for taking pictures. Those people that saw Joyce's photos at the Bonenkai, really enjoyed them. If you missed them, please go to the Temple's website and see them there. A wonderful way to preserve our temples history and to share with others.

Please come out next year and join in the fun. See you there!

In Gassho, Doug Masuhara


This is an invitation to all Temple members to come out and try playing the Taiko drums. Steveston Tera Taiko will be having a Taiko workshop on Saturday, January 8th, 2005 at 1:00 - 3:30 p.m. Non-Temple member friends and relatives are also welcome. The workshop will be held in the gym at the Steveston Buddhist Temple.

This workshop is open to children (8 years and older) and adults. Depending on numbers, there may be two separate workshops. Everyone will have a chance to learn some Taiko history, basic drumming patterns, and a simple song. Please dress in loose comfortable clothing and running shoes.

The cost for the workshop is $10 for Temple members and $15 for non-members. A family rate is available and will depend on the number of people. Please phone Doug Masuhara at (604) 278-7264 to register or Email: dsmasuATvcnDOTbcDOTca or leave your name and phone number with Chizuru at the Temple.


Fridays at 7:00 p.m.
January 7th & 21st
February 4th & 18th

Please come out & have fun!

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