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July 2004


JULY 2004
03 (Sat) 6:00 p.m.
03 (Sat) 7:00 p.m.

04 (Sun) 2:00 p.m.
04 (Sun) 6:00 p.m.
12 (Mon) 7:30 p.m.
23 - August 12
25 (Sun) 11:00 a.m.

Potluck supper with Matsumoto Sensei
Seminar by Matsumoto Sensei:
“Life, Death, and Birth in the Pure Land”
July Memorial Service (Shotsuki) & Obon
Bon Dance
July Board Meeting
Hongwanji Summer School
Temple Picnic

01 (Sun) 2:00 p.m.
7-9 (Sat-Mon) 7:00 p.m.
09 (Sun) 2:00 p.m.
August Memorial Service
Vancouver Island Obon Tour
August Board Meeting


When I arrange flowers for the shrine in the temple, I try not to waste any life of the flowers. The flower that bloomed beautifully in the morning withers away in the evening and takes on a pitiful shape. Thus flowers teach us the impermanence of the world.

Of course, the flower is beautiful. Because of its beauty and fragrance, it draws the insects which carry the pollen that is essential for the formation of future seeds. These seeds again give birth to flowers for the enjoyment of our eyes. Yet there is nothing that shows so clearly the fact that all conditioned things are impermanent.

Accordingly, we can, seeing that the flowers offered to the Buddha or left at the cemetery wither away after a while, realize that our lives, too, someday will disappear. From that realization we resolve to live the remaining part of our lives a little more meaningfully.

The cherry blossom which appears to fall in a single day teaches us that we do not know what the morrow may bring. It teaches us that regardless of how healthy a person may be today, no one is certain how he or she may be tomorrow.

When Shinran Shonin was told that the ceremony to initiate him into the monkhood would be held off until the next day, it is said that young Shinran composed the following poem on the spot:

Cherry blossoms that are felt
To last till the morrow,
May well blow away
During the night.

--- Taken from “Life through the Power of the Buddha”
written by Yehan Numata.

We Buddhists try to live this moment fully. The day before our Obon, on Saturday, July 3rd, David Matsumoto Sensei will kindly give us a lecture at 7:30 p.m. (Potluck supper with Matsumoto Sensei at 6:00 p.m.) The topic will be “Life, Death, and Birth in the Pure Land.” Please join us for this special opportunity!

In Gassho, Nariyuki Hattori


Summer is fast approaching. Enjoy the upcoming season.

The temple gym will be used as a polling station June 28 for the Federal Election.

Obon is July 4: please make every effort to attend the service. Your presence will be greatly appreciated.

Sensei will be on vacation from July 13th through July 20th.

If you require the services of the minister, please contact Bishop Fujikawa.

During July and August Judo and Kendo members will be helping out at bingo. Thank you very much.

Students from the Hongwanji Summer School will be arriving July 23rd. Please give them a warm Steveston welcome.

The Shin picnic will be July 25th. Let’s all attend.

Every Wednesday night, the executive has a weekly meeting. Please bring your concerns, ideas and suggestions. We are here to serve you.

Keep up the good work everyone. Thank you very much.

In Gassho, Jack Kawabata


Members of the Steveston Buddhist Temple helped load Fraser Valley Temple’s shrine into a truck on Saturday June 4th at the BCC headquarters where it had been stored for the last 2 years. It was returned to Fraser Valley where it will be cleaned and reassembled in time for their Obon, which will be held July 11th. I would encourage as many people as possible to attend from Steveston.

Vancouver Buddhist Church will be holding their Obon on Sunday July 12th.

Vancouver Buddhist Church will be hosting the annual Shin picnic at Central Park, this year. They want to show their appreciation for our involving them in what had been traditionally the Steveston annual picnic. Again members from Fraser Valley Temple are encouraged to attend.

David Matsumoto of ISB in California will be the guest sensei at our Obon this year. Steveston will host a potluck dinner at 6:00 p.m. on July 3rd as a way of welcoming him to Steveston Buddhist Temple. The Yagura for our Obon will be erected starting at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 3rd. We will have members of the Midget hockey help in the assembly of the Yagura.

Sticking with the Obon theme, Hans Stein of Iwata Travel is organizing the Obon Tour. Please contact Iwata Travel for more information at 604-684-5101.

In Gassho, Larry Ryan


  1. June is the first month of summer, but the unsettled weather seems to be continuing everywhere. All the temples across Canada must be busy in preparing for Obon and Bon Odori which is one of the biggest events in a year.

  2. Last month, BCC hosted 22nd World Jodo Shinshu Coordinating Council at Hilton Hotel in Richmond, B.C. I would like to thank the following local people for their help during the meeting. Mrs. M. Hamanishi for offering flowers, Mr. & Mrs. T. Yamazaki for offering supper to the ministers from oversea on Wednesday, and Hattori Sensei and Steveston Buddhist Temple members for giving rides to the guests. Also on behalf of BCC and BC Federation, I thank Honzan for inviting us to the dinner at Seasons in the Park at Queen Elizabeth Park on Thursday.

  3. At the Council Meeting all the Bishops agreed to start Hongwanji English Correspondence Course at Jodo Shinshu Center in Berkley, California with financial help from Hongwanji. This preparation meeting will be held in August 2004.

  4. Application is being accepted for BCC Temple Leaders’ Seminar in November in Kyoto. Please talk to your resident minister if you are interested. Your articles are welcomed for the Centennial Memoir. Deadline is July 31st, 2004.

  5. Fraser Valley members get together every Saturday to prepare reopening of their temple. Butsudan was already brought in. Upstairs and downstairs floors are done. Reopening dedication will be near.

Coming Events:

June 19th

June 20th

June 26th

June 28th

July 3rd - 4th

August 7th - 8th

August 14th

August 15th

September 24th - 26th

October 2nd

October 9th - 10th

November 5th - 7th

November 25th - 27th

Lay Leader Program in Montreal

Rev. K. Tsuji Memorial Service in Montreal

Living Dharma Center/TBC Groundbreaking Ceremony

Lay Leader Program in Thunder Bay

Raymond Buddhist Church 75th Anniversary

Vancouver Island Obon Tour

Nanaimo Obon Service

Victoria Obon Service

MA Seminar in Toronto

BCC Board Meeting

Vancouver Buddhist Church Centennial

Alberta Buddhist Convention
BC Buddhist Convention

BCC Temple Leaders’ Seminar in Hongwanji, Kyoto


On May 22 – 24, twenty members of the Steveston Buddhist Temple hosted and joined 83 members from the temples in Kamloops, Kelowna, Vancouver and Vernon for a fun-filled weekend at Manning Park Resort. Although the weather was West Coast B.C., the light drizzle did not dampen our spirits. Bocce, horseshoes and table tennis were played on both afternoons; campfire and singsong with wiener and marshmallow roast were enjoyed under the tarp; children ran wild looking for strange items and someone who could recite the Juseige from memory. Three of our Fujinkai ladies awoke early on Sunday to join the walk around Lightning Lake with Hattori Sensei and others. These same ladies took their turns in the kitchen, and also, found time to enjoy the hot tub at the Resort. One of the highlights of the weekend was the Tex-Mex night featuring our temple-made piñatas. The piñatas were so well made they refused to break. Watching the children and adults, blindfolded, take turns at striking/slugging them was a hilarious sight. Also, for the evening, six pots of scrumptious hot chili were entered in the chili-tasting contest. First place went to Vancouver Buddhist Church (secret recipe). A 7th pot arrived too late for the contest but it was enjoyed by everyone for lunch on Sunday. Simple obutsudan were built by the men and women during the adult craft hour while the children decorated and designed their personal door hangers and rock paperweights. Twelve onenju were repaired during the onenju repair session.

This year’s gathering of 103 people allowed all of us to relax and enjoy mealtimes in a comfortable atmosphere. We had “BBQ your own meat”, salad, sausages, scrambled eggs, soup, hamburgers, stew, chili … and two tables covered with baked goods…. food was plentiful.

A quote from the Vancouver Buddhist Church newsletter, Bodhi Mind: “…. For the people who have never attended this retreat, you don’t know what you are missing out. This is our family’s 11th year and the great experiences with other temple members will never be forgotten. I’ll see you there next year.”

Thank you, Steveston Buddhist Temple Manning Park Committee and families for your support. It was a great weekend!

In Gassho, Itoko Akune

Nokotsudo Update

Total niches sold:




Standard niche (8” x 12”)

Large niche (14” x 12”)

$1200.00 donation

$1800.00 donation

Above purchases include 1 nameplate with each addition nameplate available for $30.00 each. Tax receipts will be issued at the end of the year.

For further information contact Hattori sensei of the Steveston Buddhist Temple at 604-277-2323.

In Gassho, Kiyo Domai

Potluck supper for Matsumoto Sensei, Temple members and Friends

Everyone is invited to a potluck get together with David Matsumoto who will be the guest speaker at Obon. He is a lecturer at the International Buddhist Studies (IBS) and was formerly a minister for the Buddhist Churches of America. We recall that he was a dynamic speaker when he visited our temple in the past.

Please come with your favourite dish at 6:00 p.m., Saturday, July 3rd and have an enjoyable evening. Hattori Sensei has asked Matsumoto Sensei to speak to us around 7:30 p.m.

Contact Hiroko Yoshihara (604) 277-6521 or Junko Hazama (604) 275-1510. They will need to know what you are bringing…appetizer, salad or vegetable dish, main dish or dessert. Genevieve Iwata will be bringing her Cumberland chocolate cake so we can go easy on the dessert. Please let the above ladies know by Friday, July 2. Hope to see you there!

Garage Sale Report

Everyone had fun at the Temple Garage Sale. There were 24 tables rented with 19 vendors. The donations from Temple members were on 4 tables. Tera Taiko needed 4 tables and lots of floor space for their goods. The Fujinkai ladies of Toban 2 prepared chow mein. Jeanne Ryan grilled hot dogs and smokies. The food sales amounted to approximately $170.00. The garage sale tables for the Temple brought in approximately $185.00. When all expenses are deducted, we may be $600 ahead.

Even though, the financial outcome was low for the Temple, we must remember each vendor probably made a bit of money with some making lots of money. Also by providing an opportunity for recycling used goods, we are helping the environment. Also we made the Temple more visible to a lot of people.

Thank you for your support, for your donations and your presence on Saturday, June 19. Some of the vendors commented on our helpfulness and friendliness. Two individuals expressed interest in attending our services so this was rewarding to hear.


There has been a change in Toban as Mrs. Murao and her group has finished the four months term. Toban 2 under the leadership of Mrs. Sazare Morizawa takes over for the months of June, July, August and September. Thank you, Mrs. Murao and Toban 1 members for your dedication during a very busy spring.

Annual Bus Trip. Twenty-five ladies and one husband ventured out on an International Stage Lines Bus for a trek out to Tuscan Farm Gardens, a drive by the newly restored Fraser Valley Buddhist Church, Fort Langley and Fraser Downs casino in Cloverdale. These places were new to most of us. I enjoyed browsing through an antique store in Fort Langley and was constantly surprised at some of the familiar items for sale. If I had the foresight to have hung on to “stuff”! At Fraser Downs, I was amazed at the speed of the money eating machine. My $5.00 disappeared in seconds by hitting two buttons.

John Davies who installed the new cabinet doors in the Temple kitchen last year and also did some work in the manse kitchen and bathroom this spring has done some adjusting for us…free of charge. We now have the microwave positioned on a secure stand above the smaller convection oven. This is appreciated very much by the working members.

Ken Takeuchi, architect, and several volunteers from Nikkei Place came to check out our kitchen as they are in midst of plans for one in Burnaby. Floor plan is already made but they came to get any ideas and suggestions. It was an interesting visit.

The Fujinkai gratefully acknowledges the generous donation from Hattori Sensei and Sonoko-san. Thank you.

In Gassho, Hiroko Yoshihara

B.C.C./Hongwanji Youth Tour

Jillian Matsuhara and Stacy Chan of our Dharma School are two of ten participants in the BCC/Hongwanji Youth Tour this year. Also on the tour are Brian North of Vancouver and Stephanie Okabe and Adara Kaita of Winnipeg along with five from the Toronto area. They will be leaving July 19th along with their chaperon, Rev. Masumi Kikuchi of Toronto Buddhist Church to tour a number of places before the Hongwanji Cultural Exchange program begins on July 26h. During the program our Canadian youths will meet others from Brazil, Hawaii and the USA. Their main accommodation will be the Mombo Kaikan in Kyoto but they will homestay a couple of nights, attend a YBA conference and have the opportunity to receive affirmation from the Gomonshu.


On June 5th, Vancouver held a Dharma teachers workshop.  The speakers were Rev. Aoki and Rev. Hattori.  Rev. Aoki discussed Dharma schools past, present and future.  Rev. Hattori discussed Dharma schools in Japan. 

  Temples with English speaking ministers are doing very well.  There is a loss of students, once they become teenagers.  In the past, the temple was a meeting place for social activities.  With so many outside activities now, the children go elsewhere to socialize.  Canada has to do more to get more students to become ministers.  I understand that Honganji is developing a program to be run at IBS.  Let us hope that this program will encourage more people to become ministers.

  Our Dharma school went to Seattle on June 12 and 13 to see the Mariners games and to attend their Sunday service.  Saturday was nice until the last afternoon.  Then it started to rain.  It was lucky we were under cover, but we still got a mist of rain once in a while.  I think it was a bit cool for some people.  We were sitting in the back with a direct view to home plate.  Ichiro was to our left.  The Mariners won 3-0 against Montreal.  We slept in the temple Saturday night.  For us oldsters, the floor was a little hard. We attended Dharma service the next morning.  It was their end of school year service and they gave out all sorts of awards to the students and teachers.  They have over 100 students.  We were also invited for lunch and the carnival in the afternoon.  The gym was transformed into a lunch and carnival room.  The children enjoyed all the games and the prizes they won.  We enjoyed the visit and interaction with the Seattle members.  For myself, I renewed an old friendship with someone I’ve known for over 40 years.  It was interesting to realize that with all those years the two of us had been active with our respective temples, and the others that played in the basketball and volleyball tournaments are no longer active and seen at only funerals.

  We had our year end BBQ on June 19.  The men did the barbecuing and we had a great dinner. 

  We wish everyone a safe and wonderful summer. 

In Gassho,
Genevieve Iwata, Steveston Dharma School


Fridays at 7:00 p.m.
July 2nd

We will perform 2 songs “Natsu no Omoide”
& “Arigato” at the Obon Service.

Please come out & have fun!

This is just a reminder that the 75th anniversary photos are still left.
Please phone Chizuru at the temple office at 604-277-2323 if you would like to purchase one.

The cost is $15 per picture

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