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June 2005


JUNE 2005
05 (Sun) 2:00 p.m
13 (Mon) 7:30 p.m.
19 (Sun) 9:00 a.m.
20 (Sun) 7:30 a.m.
June Memorial Service (Shotsuki)
June Board Meeting
Temple Clean-up
Fujinkai Bus Trip to Sunshine Coast

JULY 2005
03 (Sun) 2:00 p.m
11 (Mon) 7:30 p.m.
22 (Fri) - Aug 12 (Fri)
24 (Sun) 11:00 a.m.
Obon & July Memorial Service (Shotsuki)
July Board Meeting
Hongwanji Summer School
Temple Annual Picnic

No Family Service during
July and August


– the naked human being –

If I were to go to the bank today and open an account with $100,
The teller would most likely take my money with very little concern and
Send me on my way.
But, if I, the same I were to bring $1,000,000 to the same bank,
I imagine the bank manager would come out smiling and
While treating me with the utmost respect, accept my money.

This may be an extreme case, but whether I bring $100 or $1,000,000,
I am exactly the same person.
What is different is the bank’s attitude towards me.

In other words, I haven’t changed, the world outside me has.
If I base the way I look at myself on the way others view me,
I will never find peace of mind.
You see, to achieve true peace of mind, one must look not outside, but in.
By searching for the real me on the inside,
I can become myself.

--- Poetry by Mitsuo Aida

Mitsuo Aida was a Japanese calligrapher and poet. He was taught Buddhist teachings by a Zen priest, Tetsuou Takei. “Becoming myself” sounds easy but not easy in reality. I cannot live alone and need to have family and friends for help. And then, I know real me is selfish.

In the Pure Land, we will truly become ourselves. If every one of us look at oneself on the inside, I think outside ( Society/ Community) could also become better. My true peace of mind is existed within the Vow of Amida Buddha and the Nembutsu.

In Gassho, Nariyuki Hattori

Centennial Celebration

Please register by June 15th for the Centennial Celebration to be held on August 25, 2005. There will be bus service to the Chan Center for those wishing to attend. Please call the temple for the registration forms.


As you read this member temples of the BCJSBCF will have gathered at the annual Manning Park retreat, hosted by Kamloops Buddhist Temple. This event is smaller than usual with only seventy people registered to attend. Other members are attending a BC Centennial regional meeting on Sunday at 11:00 a.m. to nail down duties and tasks. Details, details!

Members of the Centennial Committee have been setting up hotels, arranging event insurance etc. We are awaiting final details from Hongwanji regarding the location for the Sarana affirmation. We will keep you posted. The event takes place August 25, 2005 at the Chan Centre and Museum of Anthropology at UBC. To date we have 432 people registered from Japan and another 22 from Hawaii. Hope to see many of you there from Steveston. Early bird registration cut off is June 15th.

We are approaching the lazy days of summer. This doesn’t describe the temple or our members. We have Spring Cleanup, Obon, Hongwanji Summer Student’s Program and many other activities. We will be doing the summer bingo helpers change over with members of the Kendo and Judo clubs helping out until after Labour Day. The summer activities will be capped off with the Gomonshu attending our Canadian Centennial. I encourage as many of you as possible to attend the Centennial Celebrations.


May is the month of Mothers’ Day and Gotan-ye (Shinran Shonin’s Birthday) which is May 20th. Although Shinran Shonin was born in one of the noble families, the fact he became an orphan by the age of 8 years old must have given him a strong impact in his entire life. I am sure he worked diligently within the Tendai tradition on Mt. Hiei to search the way to become a Buddha, so that he would be able to see his beloved father and mother.

Also I recall an old story about Sariputra, the foremost and elder disciple of Shakyamuni Buddha, who bid farewell to the sangha as he became very old. He returned to his hometown and quietly closed his life in the room where he was delivered, while meditating on and thanking his mother.

Shinran Shonin wrote in one of his poems that Amida Buddha and Shakyamuni are like father and mother to him. Jodo Shinshu tradition has a lot to do with humanity which I would like to cherish very much.

Congratulation to Mrs. Hide Kagetsu in Vancouver, B.C. who will be 100 years old in May. As I received an invitation, I sent my message with flowers from BCC. She was born in 1905 when BCC started.

BCC AGM was held in Steveston, B.C. in April and was well attended by the ministers and delegates across Canada as well as Rev. Y. Hayashi from Hongwanji International Center in Kyoto who gave us guidance in preparation of our Centennial.

Here are the new Board of Directors; President Jim Hisanaga, Vice-president Kuni Ikuta, Secretary Lori North, Treasurer David Major, Director and Bookkeeper Itoko Akune, Women’s Federation Donna Dubbelboer, Ministerial Association Grant Ikuta.

Jim was born in Vancouver and raised and educated in Manitoba. He is married with four children and two grandsons whom he is proud of. He has been on the Board of Manitoba Buddhist Temple for eleven years. He is proud of initiating “Ladies Appreciation Day” to honour and recognize the ladies. Special feature on this day is a dinner cooked and served by the men of the temple. Men also clean up after the dinner.

Also “Pet Day” to recognize four-legged friends or two legs in case of birds who give so much and ask so little has become part of the services. He is also involved with Manitoba Japanese Cultural Center where he functions as sushi chef. He has given several food demos on local TV and at various functions. I can’t wait for AGM in Manitoba next time.

Hongwanji Assembly had a general election in April and formed a new cabinet; Governor General Kosho Fujikawa (re-elect), Governors, Shoei Takeda (Aki district), Ryuji Kuwaha (Yamaguchi), Noriyuki Miyazaki(Hokkaido), Juho Goto(Aki) in charge of International Center, Shoshin Tachibana(Gifu), and Chair Keishin Kinoshita(Kumamoto).

FUJINKAI NEWS - Hiroko Yoshihara

BCC AGM. Everyone worked together to provide sustaining food to the attendees. Ladies of Toban 3 and Dharma School ensured that everyone started off with a filling continental breakfast on both mornings. Toban 1 and Dharma School prepared a soup and sandwich lunch and turkey dinner on Saturday. Our crew of men carved the turkeys. Thank you to Tom, Mitts and Alan. Toban 2 made sushi as appetizers. Marge Sakai along with Toban 1 produced both beef and shrimp curry for the Sunday lunch.

BCCWF AGM. 2005 Dana Day funds will be split between the Jodo Shinshu Hospital in Kisii, Kenya and the “Kobushi no mori” which is a project of the Japanese Women’s Federation to restore the historical monument to Eshinni, wife of Shinran Shonin. As you may recall, Dana Day service in Steveston is held in February and the donations are forwarded to BCCWF to be given for social causes. Also BCCWF membership was raised to $5 from $2 and pro rated fundraising has increased to $5.50 from $4.10 per Fujinkai member.

Richmond Hospital Foundation Donor Recognition Night. Itoko Akune, June Ikuta and Hiroko Yoshihara attended this event on behalf of the Fujinkai at Richmond Hospital on May 11. The donations which we have made in the past are cumulative: 2005--$6,000, 2002--$1,000, 2001--$500, 2000--$500, 1999--$300. Please look for our name, Steveston Buddhist Temple Women’s Auxiliary, on the wall by the admitting area.

Bus Trip. A bus trip to Sunshine Coast has been planned for on Monday, June 20th limited to 33 people. If you are interested, please contact Misaye Hamaura at (604) 590-6187. Please let her know by June 15, 2005.

DHARMA SCHOOL NEWS - Genevieve Iwata

We have only two more family services (June 5 and June 12). We need feedback if anyone wants to go into the HSBC Child Run on June 5. We can make it a project for our group. We would be joining the Vancouver Buddhist Church and go as one big group. If we decide to do it, we won’t have family service on this day. We would get a t-shirt with our group name on it.

We held Gotanye service on May 15 and the infant presentation. It was wonderful to hear the babies’cries fill the temple. We’d like to thank the men for making a pancake brunch. We all enjoyed it. The parents of the new babies commented on how nice it was. I guess it’s a go for next year.

Sunday, June 19 at 9:00 a.m.


Fridays at 7:00 p.m.
June 3rd & 17th
July 8th & 22nd

Please come out & have fun!

Flowers for the Nokotsudo Memorial Garden welcome.

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