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November 2003


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23 (Sun) 2:00 p.m.
November Memorial Service (Shotsuki)
OBCJSBCF Convention (Kelowna)
Please note there is no Sunday Service.
November Board Meeting
Fujinkai Craft Fair
Eshinni & Fujinkai Memorial Service

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31 (Wed) 11:00 p.m.
Otaiya Service
Hoonko & December Memorial Service (Shotsuki)
December Board Meeting
Jodo-E (Bodhi Day)
Temple Clean Up
Joya-E (New Year’s Eve Year End Service)

FRASER VALLEY RESTORATION PROJECT literature and donation envelopes are available at the temple.


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Sakyamuni Buddha traced back to the cause of all the suffering from which no person is exempt, and then stressed the basic cause, which is unawareness.

3. Transcending Suffering
Once we become aware that the cause of suffering is our blind desire, we see that the cessation of suffering comes of giving up the egoistic mind and heart and seeking the world of nirvana. This term literally means “blow out” as in blowing out the flame of a candle, and refers to the state in which blind desires no longer control us.

The basic principles of Buddha-dharma can thus be said to be contained in the following three formulations which reflect the concepts of dependent origination and the true aspect of life:

“All conditioned things are impermanent.” All things change in relation to causes and conditions.
“Phenomenal things exist only because of conditions; hence, they have no substance.” Nothing exists independently or statically
“Nirvana is peace.” If we can transcend suffering, we are able to live with untroubled peace of mind.

The above three formulations, which are referred to as the “seal of three laws”, make Buddha-dharma what it is. If a teaching does not express these three laws, it is not Buddha-dharma.

- taken from “JODO SHINSHU - A GUIDE”

At the end, I would like to quote from “A Collection of Passages on the Types of Birth in the Three Pure Land Sutras” by Shinran Shonin. “Birth in accord with the Larger Sutra is brought about by the Tathagata’s selected Primal Vow, the inconceivable ocean like Vow. This is Other Power. In other words, by the cause of the Vow of birth through the nembutsu, we gain the fruit of the Vow of necessary attainment of nirvana. In this life we dwell in the stage of the truly settled and we necessarily attain the true and real fulfilled land. Thus, because of the true cause - Amida Tathagata’s directing of virtue for our going forth – we realize the enlightenment of supreme nirvana. -”

In Gassho, Rev. Nariyuki Hattori


The 75th Anniversary was an enjoyable event. Thank you everyone for your help and attendance. Special thank you goes to the 75th Anniversary Committee.

At a recent funeral, the undertakers from the Richmond Funeral Home commented that the Columbarium looks classy and dignified. Thank you, Columbarium Committee for all your hard work.

The temple’s website is coming to fruition, thank you to Mark Tasaka for undertaking this project.

All the papers have been signed regarding Telus for the use of 2 parking stalls at the temple. Just have to wait for the funds to arrive.

Regarding the Fall Food Bazaar, thank you to the Fujinkai and all the men who helped to make it another successful fundraiser.

On Halloween, some members will be on hand to patrol the temple. From 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., afterwards a security firm will patrol the temple from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m.

October being the month of Thanksgiving, may I take this opportunity to thank every member for your contribution and support of the temple.

Once again, let us make sure the legacy lives on.

In Gassho, Jack Kawabata


Members of the Steveston temple will be attending the Annual Convention to be held in Kelowna November 8th & 9th. The bus leaves the temple 6:00 p.m. Friday, November 7th.


My son and I traveled to the Fraser Valley Temple on Saturday October 25th to view firsthand the restoration work that is being done. Stan Yoshioka gave us a guided tour of the premises. He provided me with drawings and dimensions for the construction of a handicapped ramp, which I will forward on to Bud Sakamoto. Bud has offered his architectural expertise in designing a ramp. I took photos both of the interior and exterior of the temple. I’ll be assembling groups of people to go out to Aldergrove and build the ramp.

In Gassho, Larry Ryan


BCC Ministerial Association meeting and seminar was held at BCC HQ on Sept 26th and 27th. Many thanks to Prof. Risho Ohta, the lecturer who was sent by Hongwanji, as well as all the ministers who attended. On Sunday the 28th, everyone participated in the Steveston Temple’s 75 Anniversary Service.

According to Hongwanji International Department, Gomonshu-sama and Ourakata-sama will join us in our BCC Centennial Celebration for the first week Aug 19-25, 2005, but they will not remain for the cruise, which had been planned. We will keep you informed of any future changes in plan.

On behalf of the BCC, I would like to thank those who have made contributions on BCC DAY and have continued to support the BCC.


November 8-9 BCJSBCF Conference in Kelowna, ABC in Lethbridge
Bishop Fujikawa will attend ABC this year.


Temple Food Bazaar Another event has ended on a successful note. A grateful thank you to those Fujinkai members, who gave their time, donated goods for the Baiten, baked and gave cash donations. We were assisted by the “younger men” in the cooking of the udon and chow mein, which was a wonderful help. The Social Committee also helped by setting up the tables in the gym.

Next year, the Temple will form a Bazaar Committee to organize and oversee this fundraising activity. Fujinkai is looking forward to having this as a truly Temple event involving help from all members. If you have any suggestions, please put them forth. The suggestion box is on top of the filing cabinet in the newer section of the kitchen.

British Columbia Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Churches Federation Convention, Nov. 8th and 9th The Steveston Fujinkai will be well represented in Kelowna as high number of ladies will be attending the sessions. An enjoyable time will be experienced by everyone.

Craft Fair This is the next big event for the Fujinkai. Date is Saturday, Nov. 22nd. Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This craft fair is becoming a popular event for the local residents who enjoy the food and the crafts. Comments have been favourable that the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. So if you haven’t been able to attend in the past five years, make an effort to come. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Lady Eshinni and Fujinkai Members Memorial Service This is scheduled for the day after the Craft Fair on Sunday, Nov. 23rd. We honour our members who have passed away at this service.

In Gassho, Hiroko Yoshihara


We have had a busy October. We have enjoyed months of sunshine, now we have the rain. We hope everyone is not too drenched from the downpours.

We recently had our annual bazaar. We decided to try something different this year. Along with our dessert/baking sale, we had a 50/50 draw. People seemed to enjoy trying their luck. We got $287.00 and half of that was $143.50. The big winner was Mr. Steve Morishita. Congratulations. We will do that again.

We had our annual beginning of the term breakfast. Hiroko Yoshihara wanted to try out the Morning Wife Saver’s recipe for the breakfast. Everyone enjoyed the breakfast. We may be going back to pancakes next year.

We had a Halloween party on the 26th. Unfortunately the pumpkins did not look very good so we made caramel apples instead. The children enjoyed making the apples up for themselves and for the adults. We had a great potluck lunch. Everyone enjoyed the day. Have a good safe Halloween everyone.

In Gassho, Genevieve Iwata


Our next performance is on November 8th at the Steveston Community Centre for the Judo Club's 50th Anniversary.

In Gassho, Sally Masuhara

Please come out and have fun..
Choir Practice

Please come out and have fun...
on Fridays at 7:00 p.m.
November 14TH AND 28TH

We will be practicing Japanese songs - "Mushi no koe".

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