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October 2005


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16 (Sun) 11:00 a.m.
Memorial Service (Shotsuki)
October Board Meeting
Fall Food Bazaar

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November Memorial Service (Shotsuki)
BCJSBCF Convention (Vancouver)
November Board Meeting
Fujinkai Craft Fair
Eshinni-ko & Fujinkai Memorial


I will be leaving for Japan by Air Canada #35 on Saturday, October 1st at 12:15 p.m. Thank you very much for giving a farewell party for my family, and also, for your warm support during my stay in Steveston. I have many fond memories to tell Japanese people. I am glad that I have known you sharing the Nembutsu teaching. Please come and visit us in Hiroshima. See you again!

In Gasho, Nariyuki, Sonoko, Toko Ishiyama

New Address:

Kokyobo (Temple)
3348 Kumano-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima-ken JAPAN
Phone: 082-854-0277
e-mail: kokyobo(AT)


FALL FOOD BAZAAR - October 16, 2005 11:00 am

Sushi Assortment $5.00

California Roll $3.25

Chow Mein with Rice $3.75

Udon $5.00

Teriyaki Chicken / Chow Mein with Rice $6.50

Please purchase tickets from your district representative and those who receive the newsletter by mail, please phone in your ticket purchase to the temple office (604) 277-2323. Don't be disappointed by not pre-purchasing your tickets. Notify your friends of this event. Tuna (Maguro) will be available for purchase as well as apples from Kelowna and some fresh vegetables. Please come support this important fund-raiser of the Steveston Buddhist Temple.

Kuni Ikuta, Fall Food Bazaar Chairperson


Fall is near at hand and so a new season of temple activities. We have the BCJSBCF convention coming up in November with the location this year being Vancouver Buddhist Church. We would encourage as many people as possible to attend the Remembrance Day ceremonies at the Japanese Cenotaph in Stanley Park. As you read this, the September membership will have concluded. Please continue your efforts throughout the year, as the temple needs new and young energetic people.

September was quite busy with Hattori senseiís Sayonara party, pancake breakfast, garage sale and preparation for the Fall Bazaar. Iíd like to thank everyone for their ongoing commitment to the temple. The more people we have helping out arranging and working the activities really helps. A busy Sangha is less prone to Monku Monku. We are starting to receive more and more inquiries about the temple from the greater community. Letís seize these opportunities and make people welcome.

2005 BCC DAY MESSAGE - Bishop Orai Fujikawa

We began BCC Centennial Commemoration Celebration in Toronto on August 20th, then in Winnipeg on 21st, in Lethbridge on 23rd, and finally in Vancouver on 25th. It took less than a week, during which we experienced thunderstorm in Toronto, cool fall-like weather in Winnipeg, windy winter-like in Lethbridge and snow in Kananaskis near the Rockies and beautiful sunshine in Vancouver. Now, as we look back the causes and conditions that have led to this celebration, I must thank many people who have made it possible.

Firstly, I wish to pay my sincere tribute to the young Issei pioneers who had ambitions and dreams to plant the seed of the Nembutsu here in Canada over hundred years ago and our Mother Temple Hongwanji for their response with open arms.

Secondly, my thoughts go to the ministers and members for their sacrifice and commitment to maintain and develop our sanghas, despite the countless challenges and adversities especially during and after the Second World War.

Thirdly, my acknowledgement goes to all the Dharma Friends who have supported/participated from abroad as well as locally to share the joy of our celebrations with generous contributions.

Fourthly, my appreciation goes to the national and regional committees who have selflessly worked towards the planning and fundraising of this celebration.

Lastly but not least, I wish to join with all BCC members to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Gomonshu-sama and Ourakata-sama and the Hongwanji entourage for joining us with truly inspiring messages to promote our Centennial.

I believe that whether it was success or not should come from outside. We must not judge ourselves, but all I can say is that we all did our best which matters. And we all know that we must carry on The Journey to Hear the Dharma ourselves to the 101st year of BCC.

Thank you in gassho, namoamidabutsu


First of all, I wish to thank you all the Nembutsu friends across Canada for the warm hospitality and support during the BCC Centennial Commemoration when I visited the four locations to accompany Gomonshu-sama and Ourakata-sama. There were many interesting experiences, accidents, misunderstandings because of memory slips, and so on but what matters was the fact we all did our best to celebrate our Centennial. I am glad it is over now. And we have to carry on with what we have inherited from our parents and grandparents, and further find the way to make our tradition into mainstream or accessible to general public in the future.

A week ago we were devastated to watch the horrible disaster in New Orleans. It seems there is not a moment of peace in this world wherever you are. However it is great for us to have the Nembutsu, the calling from Amida Buddha, which constantly reminds us we are not alone. Again I urge you extend your care and support to the evacuees and refugees either individually or as a community.

The former president Mr. Tad Ohori in Vancouver passed away and his memorial service was held on September 1st with overflowing people at VBC. I had an honor to present INGO (posthumous honourable title) on behalf of BCC.

Environmental Awareness: Let us preserve our Green Earth into another 100 years.

FUJINKAI NEWS - Hiroko Yoshihara

The special tea for Ourakata sama which was hosted by the Steveston Fujinkai was a successful and happy event. Appreciation is extended to those who donated food and baking, loaned china and other essentials and acted as hostesses. Pleasant memories remain with those who participated.

The clothing and bedding drive is gaining momentum with our initial goal of 70 garbage bags being attainable (75 x 2 = $150.00). We are hoping for a final goal of 150 bags (150 x 3 = $450.00).

The farewell dinner for Hattori Sensei, Sonoko san and Toko chan was held on Sunday, Sept. 18. The last official count of attendees was 139. We had roast beef dinner accompanied by roasted red potatoes (an experiment). It is always a challenge to have the right amount of food! Dinner was followed by entertainment. A special memory will be Hattori Sensei and the Taiko Group performing together. Thank you, Sensei for your advice and time and giving of your musical talent during your stay with us. Also to Sonoko san, you were always ready to help us. We will miss you and your family. Have a wonderful and happy life in Japan.


We have been very busy in September. We started the month with Eitaikyo with Rev. Unno. We had a delightful pot luck dinner the evening before and had a question and answer period. He gave us a refreshing sermon on Sunday.

The temple had a farewell dinner for Rev. Hattori. It is hard to believe that we will not be able to watch as Toko chan grows up. We wish the family best wishes for their future in Japan.

By the time this bulletin gets printed, we will have our annual welcome back pancake breakfast. Since the temple is having a membership drive, we invited everyone to join us.

We will be holding a Halloween pot luck lunch on October 30th. We will have our regular family service first and lunch after. Please join us for lots of good food and treats.


The Seniorsí Club extends our best wishes to all of the members. Autumn is around the corner and the leaves are changing colour. Our club is planning a day-trip in the Fraser Valley to enjoy this beautiful season. We are expecting that many people will join. Weíve arranged a bus for 55 people. Please come and join us!

Please note that we may have to limit the number of the participants due to the capacity of the bus.

Day: October 7th (Fri) 9:00 a.m. leave the SBT temple. * Please try to be there before 8:30 a.m.

Place: Salmon Hatchery (Weaver Creek) - Sand Sculpture in Harrison Hot Springs, Lunch - Casino (approximately one hour) - SBT Temple (arrive at around 5:00 p.m.) * Donít forget your bathing suit if you would like to bath.

Contact to : Temple (604)277-2323 Takemi Miyazaki (604)277-4672
Hayao Sakai (604)277-1940 Toshio Murao (604)277-2362
Eiichi Harada (604)277-8789

* The club board members will tell you the price later.

Flowers for the Nokotsudo Memorial Garden welcome.

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