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September 2005


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Eitaikyo & September Memorial Service (Shotsuki)
Craft Fair registration
Family Service
Special General Meeting
September Board Meeting
Farewell Dinner for minister & his family
Garage Sale
Fujinkai,Semi-Annual General Meeting

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09 (Sun) 10:30 a.m
16 (Sun) 11:00 a.m.
Memorial Service (Shotsuki)
October Board Meeting
Fall Food Bazaar


Jodo Shinshu is a religion by which I will become a Buddha. Amida Buddha is continually calling out to us saying; “No matter what happens, I will never abandon you.” This voice that is calling out to us has become the Nembutsu, and it is in this fasion that it comes to us here and now. In addition, it is certain that one who has received the Nembutsu will respond by voicing Namo Amida Butsu. The life of one who has been thusly prompted to say the Nembutsu, is one in which the person is watched over by Amida Buddha, and is encouraged to give forth his best effort.

Whether we are in Canada, or whether we are in Japan, the same Nembutsu is given to us to enrich out lives. I am very grateful to my family and friends, who came to wish me well, and to all the members of the Buddhist Churches of Canada for the gracious way that I have been accepted. Thank you.

In Gassho, Nariyuki Hattori


I trust you have all had a safe and relaxing summer. August has been busy for the temple with the Centennial Celebration, various picnics, and Gate ball tournaments, Ryukoku Gakuin student program, as well as funerals, weddings and receptions. Bud Sakamoto and I became involved in the Ryukoku Gakuin program for the first time. Under the able stewardship of Mr. Ken Yokota, Hattori Sensei, Aoki Sensei and Fujikawa Socho, the new program was very successful. I’d like to thank those members who stepped forward at the last minute to become home stay families. We had nineteen students from Japan this year.

As you all know, Hattori Sensei is returning to Japan in October to take on duties at his father-in-law’s temple. We wish Sensei, Sonoko and Toko all the best. They will be missed.

Kikuchi Sensei from Toronto Buddhist Church is being assigned to Steveston December 1st. In the interim Fujikawa Socho and Fuji Sensei will be attending to our ministerial needs. Fuji Sensei, after completing his two-month orientation, will be assigned to Toronto Buddhist Church.

Mitts Sakai, Tak Miyazaki and Kaz Tasaka are addressing the pigeon roosting problem. To that end they have installed wire mesh under the gym windows and over the breezeway between the gym and the kitchen.

Kuni Ikuta and I finally got around to removing the old guy wire from the lamp post in the main parking lot. It was a ten minute task. The other half hour was spent trying to get a swallow to vacate the gym.

There will be a pot luck supper for Dr. Unno on Saturday, September 3rd in the classroom. Dr. Unno is the guest speaker for the September Shotsuki, and we urge everyone to attend this supper. We also enjoy a great variety of delicious food and enjoy the Sangha. For those wishing to attend, please contact Jeanne Ryan at (604) 946-9982.


BCC Centennial Celebration days are near and I trust all the national and regional committees have been in the final stage of preparation in this mid summer. I would like to take this opportunity to thank many people who have made generous contributions to assist our Centennial financially, as the deficit budget had been predicted.

I have been very busy for the last few months with a lot of information through fax, email, telephone, and visitors. Especially our night time is the daytime in Japan. As I get calls from Hongwanji in the evening, I have to translate and distribute the information across Canada as soon as possible. Fortunately we have had beautiful summer so far here in west coast with sunshine in daytime and cool temperature in the evening. So it was easy for me to work in midnight.

I shall see you soon in Toronto, Winnipeg, Lethbridge and Vancouver as we welcome Gomonshu-sama and Ourakata-sama.

The former Bishop Shodo Tsunoda passed away in Nebraska on July 10th at the age of 92. For those who wish to express condolences, please write to Mrs. S. Kakuda 712 1st Ave. Morrill, Nebraska, 69358.

Congratulations to Mr. Roy Nagata in Calgary and Mr. Shozo Ishikawa in Toronto who were recently awarded Order of Canada.

Congratulation to Izumi Sensei and the 7 youth who participated Hongwanji Youth Tour from July 22 to Aug 2. They have enjoyed Summer of Japan.

Also congratulation to 19 Ryukoku High School students from Japan who came to Steveston Buddhist Temple on July 22 to learn English as well as cultures and customs in Canada. They successfully completed three weeks’ program and returned on August 11.

Environmental Awareness: What a beautiful star of Earth it is with sky, ocean and land where we are allowed to reside. We wish to leave it for our children and grandchildren.


In the July newsletter the first notice of the SPECIAL ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING to be held on SEPTEMBER 12TH, 2005 at 7:00 PM at the Temple FOR THE ADOPTION OF THE NEW CONSTITUTION was printed.

I wish to remind members of the Temple of this meeting and to invite all to attend. Copies of the new constitution will be available at the office for review. The special annual general meeting will be held before the September Board meeting.

September is Membership Month. As you are all aware that over the past 10 to 15 years the Temple membership has been decreasing with the passing away of the seniors of the Temple. In order to maintain the temple facility and the services that are needed for the temple community, membership is very important. This is one of the reasons for renewing the Constitution. We must begin to look forward now and plan a head for the continuation of the Temple. The help of the general membership is needed to maintain the temple and to increase the membership.


The board has decided that every member should try to promote our friends, sons or daughters to become our temple member. Our temple has one of the best facilities in Canada – large 4 Acre property with over 150 parking spaces, nice hondo, gym, classroom, offices, and 3 gateball courts. The financial situation is very sound with a comfortable sustaining fund together with the ongoing weekly bingo fund raising. Currently our membership stands at 351 but majority are over 60 yrs old.

2004 there were 14 new member – Robert and Rita Peterman, Mike & Masako Inoue, Mitsuyo Nitta, Umeko Kozai, Nobuyo Uyeda, Koji Mori, Judith Maede, Setsuo & Kimiko Hayashi, John & Ona Schellenberg, & Ken Kamachi.

In 2005 10 new members has join so far – Elmer Morishita, Tamotsu & Mitsuye Shimizu, John & Kazuko Yetman, Raymond Girard, Tuck Tsumura, Karen Esson, Emiko Arai, & Keiko Alkire.

Please ask your children to learn our great religion of Compassion and Gratitude and continue the Family tradition. Membership dues of $ 65.00 or just $ 5.00 plus per month is very affordable.

The membership committee thank all the above new members and hope you will all attain spiritual peace.

BINGO - Jack Kawabata

A special Bingo Meeting will be held 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, September 13, 2005. The meeting will be in a workshop format to review procedures and to implement a Toban system.
Please attend this very important meeting. Bingo is our biggest fundraiser.
Once again this meeting is open to the general membership and we encourage all of you to attend. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

FUJINKAI NEWS - Hiroko Yoshihara

On July 22, ladies of Toban 2 prepared lunch for students and teaching staff of Ryukoku Gakuen. Our otera was filled again with laughter and excitement of youth.

Preparations are being made for “English style” tea in honour of Ourakata sama on August 25th. Misaye Hamaura is looking after the details for this very special occasion. Hopefully, this will have been an enjoyable and successful event by the time this newsletter reaches the members.

Semi annual AGM: Sunday, Sept. 25 at 1:00 p.m. Please note the change from Sept. 18 as farewell dinner for Hattori Sensei, Sonoko san and Toko chan is scheduled for this date.

Temple Garage Sale: Saturday, Sept. 24, 9:30 am – 3 pm
De-clutter and make some money for yourself and the Temple. Tables are available for $15.00 each. Any donation will be appreciated. Please bring donations in on Thursday and Friday before Sep. 24. Application forms are available at the temple office or please contact Hiroko Yoshihara (277-6521) after September 15th.

Clothing Drive
If you have any unwanted clothing, bedding or soft fabric type items, please save them and bring to the temple. We are trying a new endeavor. Preferred drop off time will be before or after Sunday family service starting in September. Certain charitable groups will pay $3.00 per filled garbage bag. Our aim is 140 bags minimum. Thank you for your help!

DHARMA SCHOOL NEWS – Genevieve Iwata

We hope you have all enjoyed a great summer holiday. It has been quite warm through July and August. We had quite a few events happen during this time.

We will have regular family services starting September 11. We are planning on having cooking demonstrations for the adults and we hope that there will be more children this year. A reminder to grandparents, try and get your grandchildren to come to the temple. The future of our temple are the young adults and their children.

Sensei Hattori’s Farewell Party

Deadline for the reservation is Sep. 12 (Mon). Please phone us at 604-277-2323.
Cost : $15 per person ( $10 dinner, $5 for gift )

Flowers for the Nokotsudo Memorial Garden welcome.

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