Steveston Buddhist Temple
4360 Garry Street Richmond, B.C. V7E 2V2
June 2004


JUNE 2004
06 (Sun) 2:00 p.m
14 (Mon) 7:30 p.m.
19 (Sat) 9 a.m. - 3 p.m
19 (Sat) 1:00 p.m.
20 (Sun) 9:00 a.m.
June Memorial Service (Shotsuki)
June Board Meeting
Garage Sale
Dharma School BBQ (after Garage Sale)
Temple Clean Up Day

JULY 2004
04 (Sun) 2:00 p.m.
12 (Mon) 7:30 p.m.
23 - August 12
25 (Sun) 11:00 a.m.
July Memorial Service (Shotsuki) & Obon (Bon Dance)
July Board Meeting
Hongwanji Summer School
Temple Picnic


When I was at the junior high school, we were told that in what was called the “Kind Words Movement,” an effort was made to say, as much as one could, such words as:

Good morning. (Ohayo)

Thank you. (Arigato)

Excuse me. (Shitsureishimasu)

I am sorry. (Sumimasen)

It is said that what is most lacking in modern society are such expressions. Just how important these words are in our daily lives can be understood if one has had the experience of being so greeted even once.

In addition to the phrases I mentioned at the beginning are the words:

I shall receive this food gratefully. (Itadakimasu)

I finish this meal with gratitude. (Gochisosama)

See you later. (Ittekimasu)

I’m back. (Tadaima Kaerimashita)

Welcome home (Okaeri)

You must be tired. (Gokurosama)

Good night. (Oyasumi)

These phrases, too, make human relationships much more pleasant.

The word can become the cause of misfortune; but on the other hand, it can become the cause for happiness.

Taken from “Life through the Power of the Buddha” written by Yehan Numata

The Nembutsu, “Namo Amida Butsu,” is a simple word which reminds me to reflect on myself and to express my gratitude to everything I have had.

In Gassho, Nariyuki Hattori


Winners of $50.00 Gift Certificates:

1. Dave Ohori
2. C. Koyama
3. Alice Tateishi
4. Karen Chey
5. Chic Tasaka
6. Diane Mukai

Winners of Gift Donations from BCJSBC Women’s Auxiliaries:

1. Braxton Nomura
2. Pat Frederiksen
3. Monica Ohori
4. Frances Xu
5. Kay Sakata
6. Isao Terai
7. F. Murakami
8. Lexi Chor
9. Brayden Hori
10. Hiroko Yoshihara
11. Lindsay Favell
12. Yaeko Domae


Thank you to everyone who cooked breakfast for all who attended the Gotane service. A task well done.

Please remember that the temple clean up will be on June 20th. In preparation for Obon Odori, practices will begin on May 31st.

The Food Fair will be May 30th, so let’s all do lunch together.

Once again, please come and join the Weeding Toban that takes place at 7:30 p.m. the first and third Tuesday of every month. Contacts are: Larry, Kiyo and myself. All help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone

In Gassho, Jack Kawabata


Fraser Valley Temple
Took part in a painting work party at the temple a few weeks ago. Recently members from Vancouver took part in another painting work party to apply the second and third coats of paint. The Naijin has been painted and by the time you read this, it should be carpeted. The cabinets and counters have been installed in the kitchen. The temple should be ready for this year’s Obon.

Vancouver Buddhist Temple.
Vancouver held a “Pub Night” at the Mountain Shadow Pub in North Burnaby. It was well attended and a lot of fun, with prize draws and very tasty burgers.

BCC Centennial Celebrations
The Centennial Cruise for 2005 has been cancelled, as the support for this function was quite thin. Planning for the Gomonshu’s visit continues, with monthly meetings alternating between Vancouver and Steveston temples. The celebration will take place at the Steveston Temple. Details are being worked out as to dinner, entertainment, guest speaker, security, first aid, audio & video feeds and festival tenting etc. There has been talk of setting up a special Centennial Obon Tour to coincide with these festivities.

Members of the Steveston Buddhist Temple attended the AGM, which was held in Winnipeg the weekend of April 23rd, 2004. There were two major resolutions that were discussed, one being the cancellation of the Centennial Cruise and the other being a national definition of membership. The latter was withdrawn as the bylaws clearly state that any person 18 years or older who has paid his or her membership dues, is a BCC member. It was agreed that in future, the budget should be prepared several months in advance of the AGM.

Fujinkai Appreciation Breakfast
Sunday May 16, 2004 the following Steveston Bukkyokai members hosted a pancake breakfast: Ken Yoshihara, Bud Sakamoto, Seishi Matsuno, Kiyo Domai, Jack Kawabata, Vic Kawabata, Larry Ryan and Lee Ryan. It went rather well in that everyone had enough to eat and the ambulance service didn’t have to be called.

In Gassho, Larry Ryan


May is the month we commemorate Shinran Shonin’s Birth (Shuso Gotanye). It is also called Fujimatsuri (Wisteria Festival), as wisteria blooms in May and it is Ohtani family crest symbolizing Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji tradition. Many temples observe this together with Hatsumairi, infant presentation.

All the delegates across Canada owe a great deal of appreciation to the members of Manitoba Buddhist Temple who successfully and efficiently hosted 2004 AGM in April. The weather also cooperated and everyone enjoyed friendly hospitality and entertainment. Thank you Manitoban Buddhists.

BCC AGM confirmed the dates of Regional Centennial Celebration, but unfortunately decided the cancellation of the cruise portion due to lack of interest.

Bishop & Mrs. Fujikawa, Donna Dubbelboer and Hideko Kounosu represented BCC WF to attend the representatives’ meeting for 13th World Buddhist Women’s Convention in Hawaii. Ourakata-sama was there with many Japanese delegates. The Hawaii chapter is working hard to welcome 3,000 participants at Convention Center in Honolulu Sept 1-3, 2006. We learned that Japan Chapter will host 14th WBWC in conjunction with Shinran Shonin’s 750th Memorial Service in 2011, to the disappointment of Toronto Fujinkai/Dana who was willing to host in 2010.

The schedule for BCC Temple Leaders’ Seminar in Hongwanji was set and distributed to all sanghas across Canada. Please see your resident minister for application. Approximate cost is $2,400 plus airfare, depending on from the place you depart to Osaka.

Your contribution of articles is welcomed for the Centennial Memoir. Deadline is July 31st, 2004. Mr. James Martin was assigned to Calgary Buddhist Church as Assistant Minister under Rev. Kyojo Ikuta as of May 1st, 2004.

Coming Events:

June 19th

June 20th

June 26th

June 28th

July 3rd - 4th

August 7th - 8th

August 14th

August 15th

September 24th - 26th

October 2nd

October 9th - 10th

November 5th - 7th

November 25th - 27th

Lay Leader Program in Montreal

Rev. K. Tsuji Memorial Service in Montreal

Living Dharma Center/TBC Groundbreaking Ceremony

Lay Leader Program in Thunder Bay

Raymond Buddhist Church 75th Anniversary

Vancouver Island Obon Tour

Nanaimo Obon Service

Victoria Obon Service

MA Seminar in Toronto

BCC Board Meeting

Vancouver Buddhist Church Centennial

Alberta Buddhist Convention
BC Buddhist Convention

BCC Temple Leaders’ Seminar in Hongwanji, Kyoto


BCCWF AGM in Winnipeg
Misaye Hamaura represented Steveston Fujinkai with Hiroko Yoshihara as observer. Most centers with the exception of two were represented at the 2004 AGM. Some of the topics discussed were: recipients of the Dana Day funds (Jodo Shinshu Clinic in Kenya and Alice Project in India), design of banner to commemorate the 2005 BCC Centennial and style of clothes for delegates who will be attending the 2006 WBWC in Hawaii in September 2006. The proposals of the clothing can soon be seen on the Fujinkai bulletin boards in the kitchen. Please come have a look and give your approval or suggestions.

Bridal Shower
This happy event was successful with many members attending and/or contributing to the joint gifts to Hattori Sensei and Sonoko-san. A fruit juicer and a dinner set were two of several gifts to the young couple as they start their life together.

Change in Toban
The ladies of Toban 1 will be competing their four months of tasks at the end of May with the last big event being the Food Fair on Sunday, May 30th. We hope to have the assistance of many male members this time. It has been an exceptionally busy time for Toban 1. Thank to everyone in Toban 1 for your persistence in staying on course and for your sacrifice of personal time.

Toban 2 headed by Mrs. Sazare Morizawa will be taking over for the next four months. A bus trip is being planned, although the original suggestion of a trip to Saltspring Island is not feasible due to the ferry schedule with late departure times, 3 stops and possible return to the temple at 11:30 p.m. Other alternatives are being investigated…Chemainus., Bowen Island? If you have any ideas, please speak to Mrs. Morizawa soon. We hope to go before June 28th as the peak season starts on June 29th.


Ads for “tables to rent” have been placed in the Richmond Review and Richmond News in their weekend editions for two weeks. A letter has been sent to the JCCA Bulletin requesting an addition of “Tables to rent for $15” to our listing in “Community Calendar” column. Hopefully this will reach the Bulletin in time for their June deadline.

Up to now (two days after the ads in the Richmond papers), we have received one request for two tables from the general public. In addition, three temple members have expressed interest in renting five tables and a friend of a member would like one table. Total of 8 tables thus far and hopefully the total will increase!

Please talk up this event with family and friends…an opportunity to simplify your life and make some money if you rent a table or two. Or this can be a one stop shopping experience and save on gas if you love rummaging through treasures of other people.

We will also accept any donations, but please bring a week before Saturday, June 19th. Thanks.

In Gassho, Hiroko Yoshihara

Upcoming Garage Sale
Date: Saturday, June 19th, 2004
Time: 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


This year Gotan-ye was really different, since we didn’t have it on Mother’s Day. The men cooked breakfast for us. They cooked up pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages. The first few pancakes looked a little anemic but they got better looking after that. Everything was delicious and it was a learning experience for the men. They assured us that they would be doing it again next year. We hope more people will join us. We usually give out corsages but this year we gave out plants to everyone. We had some plants for door prizes too.

Dharma school students and their parents will be going to Seattle on June 12th & 13th. We will be seeing a Mariners game and then stay overnight and attend their Dharma school service the next morning. The Mariners will be playing against Montreal, so it will be like Canada vs. USA.

Our Dharma School will have their year-end BBQ after the Garage Sale on June 19th. We’ll help clean up then get ready for dinner, so keep that date open.

In Gassho,
Genevieve Iwata, Steveston Dharma School


Fridays at 7:00 p.m.
June 4th & 18th

Please come out & have fun!

This is just a reminder that the 75th anniversary photos are still left.
Please phone Chizuru at the temple office at 604-277-2323 if you would like to purchase one.

The cost is $15 per picture

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