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2008-01 (129.3k)
2008-02 (165.4k)
2008-03 (146.1k)
2008-04 (147.7k)
2008-05 (172.2k)
2008-08 (249.8k)
2008-09 (185.7k)
2008-10 (83.9k)
2008-11 (173.7k)
2008-12 (173k)
2009-01 (624.1k)
2009-01j (505.8k)
2009-02 (333.4k)
2009-02j (751.9k)
2009-03 (455.7k)
2009-03j (568.2k)
2009-04 (368.5k)
2009-04j (417.9k)
2009-05 (368.9k)
2009-05j (272.3k)
2009-06 (423.8k)
2009-06j (558.5k)
2009-07 (294.4k)
2009-07j (356.6k)
2009-08 (230.2k)
2009-08j (202.8k)
2009-09 (487.5k)
2009-09j (396.4k)
2009-10 (293.5k)
2009-10j (191.4k)
2009-11 (534.9k)
2009-11j (434.5k)
2009-12 (287.6k)
2009-12j (429.4k)
2010-01 (536.6k)
2010-01j (502.8k)
2010-02 (370.9k)
2010-02j (377.8k)
2010-03 (539.3k)
2010-03j (514.4k)
2010-04 (233.8k)
2010-04j (261.8k)
2010-05 (539.4k)
2010-05j (604.9k)
2010-06 (569.3k)
2010-06j (442.2k)
2010-07 (366.7k)
2010-07j (420.3k)
2010-10 (602.4k)
2010-10j (638.8k)
2010-11 (750.2k)
2010-11j (608.2k)
2010-12 (342.9k)
2010-12j (303.1k)
2011-01 (1.1M)
2011-01j (976.7k)
2011-02 (690.2k)
2011-02j (337.5k)
2011-03 (292.3k)
2011-03j (360.4k)
2011-04 (636.4k)
2011-04j (665.9k)
2011-05 (650.8k)
2011-05j (518.1k)
2011-06 (467.4k)
2011-06j (346.1k)
2011-07 (529.4k)
2011-07j (309.2k)
2011-08 (310k)
2011-08j (259.1k)
2011-09 (787k)
2011-09j (654.3k)
2011-10 (776k)
2011-10j (524.7k)
2011-11 (1.1M)
2011-11j (969.5k)
2011-12 (1.1M)
2011-12j (969.5k)
2012-01 (740.4k)
2012-01j (561.9k)
2012-02 (979.3k)
2012-02j (1.2M)
2012-03 (593.5k)
2012-03j (1.1M)
2012-04 (703.8k)
2012-04j (1.3M)
2012-05 (774k)
2012-05j (1M)
2012-07 (952.3k)
2012-07j (981k)
2012-08 (830.4k)
2012-08j (674.3k)
2012-09 (852.3k)
2012-09j (778.3k)
2012-10 (925.4k)
2012-10j (731.1k)
2012-11 (958.6k)
2012-11j (784.9k)
2012-12 (731.7k)
2012-12j (841.4k)
2013-01 (661.3k)
2013-01j (849.9k)
2013-04 (477.3k)
2013-04j (785.2k)
2013-05 (568k)
2013-05j (594.1k)
2013-06 (758.4k)
2013-06j (702.9k)
2013-07 (4.7M)
2013-07j (4.6M)
2013-09 (1023.5k)
2013-09j (908.3k)
2013-10 (693.6k)
2013-10j (769.9k)
2013-11 (719.9k)
2013-11j (615.5k)
2013-12 (1.4M)
2013-12j (1.1M)
2014-01 (1.2M)
2014-01j (1.1M)
2014-02 (477.6k)
2014-02j (489.2k)
2014-03 (496.1k)
2014-03j (472.9k)
2014-04 (1.9M)
2014-05 (1000.4k)
2014-06 (962k)
2014-07 (912.7k)
2014-09 (1022.5k)
2014-10 (884.3k)
2014-11 (714.6k)
2014-12 (904.4k)
2015-02 (701.5k)
2015-03 (617.4k)
2015-04 (911.4k)
2015-05 (926k)
2015-06 (952.3k)
2015-07 (973.4k)
2015-09 (915.9k)
2015-10 (1M)
2015-11 (873.1k)
2015-12 (1015.1k)
2016-01 (900.8k)
2016-02 (1.3M)
2016-03 (999.2k)
2016-04 (1.6M)
2016-05 (1.9M)
2016-06 (1.2M)
2016-07 (1.1M)
2016-09 (1.2M)
2016-10 (1.5M)
2016-11 (1.1M)
2016-12 (1.2M)
2017-01 (1M)
2017-02 (2M)
2017-03 (1.5M)
2017-04 (1.8M)
2017-05 (3.9M)
2017-06 (1.6M)
2017-07 (3.5M)
2017-09 (1.7M)
2017-10 (1.4M)
2017-11 (3.3M)
2017-12 (2.5M)
2018-01 (4.2M)
2018-02 (1.9M)
2018-03 (2.2M)
2018-04 (4.3M)
2018-05 (4.5M)
2018-06 (4.5M)
2018-07 (4.2M)
2018-09 (6.5M)
2018-10 (2.4M)
2018-11 (3.3M)
2018-12 (1.8M)
2019-01 (3.9M)
2019-01JSBTC (741.2k)
2019-02 (3.4M)
2019-03 (2.1M)
2019-04 (3.8M)
2019-05 (6.1M)
2019-06 (3.7M)
2019-07 (3.6M)
JSBTC (741.2k)
dec142003 (1k)
jnldec2003 (1k)
march2004newsletter (94k)
maynewsletter2005 (167k)
newmar2006 (160k)
newsapr2006 (198.5k)
newsapr2006 (18.1k)
newsapril2004 (11.5k)
newsapril2005 (18.4k)
newsapril2007 (17.1k)
newsaug2004 (9.6k)
newsaug2005 (193.5k)
newsaug2005 (14.8k)
newsaug2006 (162.5k)
newsaug2006 (18.9k)
newsdec2003 (12.4k)
newsdec2004 (18.4k)
newsdec2005 (177k)
newsdec2005 (11.2k)
newsdec2006 (18.2k)
newsfeb2004 (11.7k)
newsfeb2005 (16.3k)
newsfeb2006 (185k)
newsfeb2006 (14.8k)
newsfeb2007 (18.7k)
newsjan2004 (11k)
newsjan2005 (17.3k)
newsjan2006 (520k)
newsjan2006 (15.6k)
newsjan2007 (17.7k)
newsjuly2004 (19.7k)
newsjuly2005 (199.5k)
newsjuly2005 (9.3k)
newsjuly2006 (155k)
newsjuly2006 (20.9k)
newsjuly2007 (21.3k)
newsjune08 (183.1k)
newsjune2004 (15.7k)
newsjune2005 (180.5k)
newsjune2005 (11.7k)
newsjune2006 (159k)
newsjune2006 (16k)
newsjune2007 (21.7k)
newsletterapr2007 (198.7k)
newsletterdec2006 (296.9k)
newsletterfeb2007 (270.2k)
newsletterjan2007 (305.2k)
newsletterjuly2007 (323.7k)
newsletterjune2007 (257.6k)
newslettermar2007 (305.5k)
newslettermay2007 (334.9k)
newsletternov2006 (236k)
newslettersept2004 (195.5k)
newslettersept2006 (353.8k)
newsmar2005 (18.5k)
newsmar2006 (16.6k)
newsmar2007 (14.4k)
newsmarch2004 (11.9k)
newsmay2004 (108k)
newsmay2004 (16.3k)
newsmay2005 (11.4k)
newsmay2006 (430.5k)
newsmay2006 (21.7k)
newsmay2007 (16k)
newsnov2003 (11.2k)
newsnov2004 (23.4k)
newsnov2005 (9.7k)
newsnov2006 (13.9k)
newsoct2003 (12.6k)
newsoct2004 (14.3k)
newsoct2005 (12.8k)
newsoct2006 (232k)
newssept2004 (13k)
newssept2005 (13k)
newssept2006 (18.4k)
nihongoapr06 (1.5k)
nihongoapr07 (2.3k)
nihongoapr2006 (71k)
nihongoapr2007 (337k)
nihongoaug06 (2k)
nihongoaug2006 (80.5k)
nihongodec06 (2.5k)
nihongodec2006 (372.7k)
nihongofeb06 (1.3k)
nihongofeb07 (2.3k)
nihongofeb2006 (51k)
nihongofeb2007 (366.1k)
nihongojan06 (1.4k)
nihongojan07 (2.7k)
nihongojan2007 (328.5k)
nihongojuly06 (1.5k)
nihongojuly07 (127.3k)
nihongojuly2006 (71k)
nihongojuly2007 (425.1k)
nihongojune06 (1.5k)
nihongojune07 (90.5k)
nihongojune2006 (62k)
nihongojune2007 (380.9k)
nihongomar06 (1.3k)
nihongomar07 (1.8k)
nihongomar2006 (64k)
nihongomar2007 (384.6k)
nihongomay06 (1.8k)
nihongomay07 (105.4k)
nihongomay2006 (130k)
nihongomay2007 (351k)
nihongonov06 (1.6k)
nihongonov2006 (308.8k)
nihongooct06 (1.8k)
nihongooct2006 (372.5k)
nihongosept06 (1.8k)
nihongosept2006 (329.5k)
nov112006 (36.5k)
nov112006 (85.8k)
nov112006a (30.5k)
nov112006a (73.6k)
novnewsletter2005 (164k)
octnewsletter2005 (180k)
pfnewsapril2004 (11.1k)
pfnewsapril2005 (17.8k)
pfnewsaug2004 (9.3k)
pfnewsdec2003 (12k)
pfnewsdec2004 (17.9k)
pfnewsfeb2004 (11.4k)
pfnewsfeb2005 (15.4k)
pfnewsjan2004 (10.7k)
pfnewsjan2005 (16.9k)
pfnewsjuly2004 (19.3k)
pfnewsjune2004 (15.3k)
pfnewsmar2005 (18k)
pfnewsmarch2004 (11.4k)
pfnewsnov2003 (10.8k)
pfnewsnov2004 (22.9k)
pfnewsoct2003 (12.4k)
pfnewsoct2004 (13.9k)
septnewsletter2005 (193.5k)