We have just learned that the Zone Bowling Centre is in receivership and the bowling facilities are closed.  We have tried, without success,  to contact the management at the Centre to find out if the Centre would be reopened for our Bowlathon. Consequently and with disappointment, we have decided to cancel the Bowlathon for this year.  Many of us were looking forward to this evening of socializing and bowling.  We will look for alternative activities to bring our members and friends together for fellowship. Please contact Kiyo Domai (604-318-0757) or the SBT (604-277-2323) if you would like more information.Read More →

After three consecutive years as your temple president, I will be stepping down at the end of this year. Consistent with the requirements of the bylaws and constitution of the temple, I must step down after three consecutive years. To provide continuity, I will remain on the board as Past President.   The principle of limiting the number of consecutive years the president can serve is to allow others to serve as the highest official of the Temple Board and to permit diversity and change. I feel the principle is important for the longevity of the temple. As I lookRead More →

Our Directors on the JSBTC Board as well as Bishop Aoki and Rev. Grant Ikuta (MA Chair) have been working very hard on the strategic planning for the future as well as on the day to day operations of the JSBTC. One of the major expenses is the medical, health and dental costs to ensure that our Ministers have adequate coverage. As each year passes, we seem to experience significant cost increases for this important coverage. As a Board, we have sent this coverage out for tender and also negotiated for better rates. The Board is always looking for costRead More →

I would like to express my most sincere appreciation to all the Jodo Shinshu Temples of Canada (JSBTC) ministers, ministers’ assistants, national board of directors, and all temple members and non-members for keeping our organization active and accessible.   In the early days, the temple was financed largely by donations called ‘dana’.  In Japanese, this is known as ofuse or orei.  Over the years, temple members established the tradition of donating money to the temple treasury for various occasions such as Buddhist holidays, family weddings, funerals, and memorial services.  As well, donations were offered for monthly memorial services (Shotsuki) asRead More →

Notice from the Temple Rev. Ikuta will be away from October 10 to November 4 as he is leading the JSBTC tour to Japan. During his absence the Sunday services will be conducted by the minister assistants. In case of emergencies, please contact our temple office at (604) 277-2323 or Sensei Roy Akune at (604) 765-7710. In case of a funeral service, Rev. Aoki of the Vancouver Buddhist Temple will be contacted to conduct the service. お寺からのお知らせ 生田先生は10月10日から11月4日まで日本に出張のため、お寺を留守にしています。その期間日曜礼拝は開教使補の皆様が務めます。その他、緊急事故の場合はお寺の事務所(604)277-2323もしくは阿久根ロイ先生(604)765-7710へ連絡取ってくださるようにお願いいたします。葬儀はバンクーバー仏教会の青木先生にお願いすることとなります。皆様のご理解とご協力を念じ申し上げます。 仏教会よりRead More →

Planning for the 2016 Steveston Buddhist Temple Obon Festival started later than usual but many members and non members came forward to volunteer and we were quickly back on track. The Bon Odori dance practices led by Yoko Matsuno, Sensei, were well attended as usual by 30 to 40 young and older dancers, mostly female but occasionally with a male or two. These are the dancers we follow as we dance around the Yagura. A successful festival depends on a lot of preparation and we had a lot of support. Days before, volunteers were busy shopping, chopping and cooking. D-day,Read More →

The Steveston Buddhist Temple in conjunction with the JSBTC is planning on holding a Sarana Affirmation Service to be held on Sunday, September 18th from 9:30 am. The Sarana Affirmation Service is a solemn service, following a tradition dating back to the time of Sakyamuni Buddha. Men, Women, and children, who aspire to lead the Buddhist way of life, are invited to join the countless followers of the Buddha by taking refuge in the Three Treasures of the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, and are formally admitted to the Buddhist community. In Japanese this service is known as “kie shiki”. AsRead More →

We will be holding our Fall Higan Equinox service on Sunday, September 18th 2016, starting at 10:30 am. The Higan service is a time for us to listen to the Buddha Dharma as it is said that the Universe is in perfect balance during this time of the year. As a special guest, Socho Tatsuya Aoki will be joining us as the guest speaker for the service. Join us on this occasion to listen to the Dharma. 秋の彼岸会法要は9月18日(日曜日)午前10時半に行われます、彼岸の季節には暑さと寒さがバランスされて、お聴聞するのに一番いい季節です。 今年の秋の彼岸会法要には青木達也総長を御講師としてお招きしております。このご縁をいただきお寺に参りましょう。Read More →