At Jodo Shinshu temple services, the following five sutras and gathas are chanted. Please click on the names below to see the text and translation and/or listen to these sutras and gathas. Please visit our temple to learn more about these.Read More →

Jodo Shinshu Buddhism or the True Sect of the Pure Land was founded by Shinran Shonin (1173-1262 A.D.), who sought to reveal Pure Land Teachings to the people of Japan after it had originally been developed and transmitted throughout India, China and Japan by the seven masters – Nagarjuna, Vasabandhu, Donran, Doshaku, Zendo, Genshin and Honen. By studying the collection of dissertations, writings and sutras of these seven masters, Shinran formed a comprehensive system of teaching “Salvation through Faith” which is known as Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. This branch of Buddhism is widely known as Shin Buddhism. It is the largestRead More →

  Rev. Grant Masami Ikuta Born: September 1st, 1964, Vancouver, B.C. Post Secondary Education: Undergraduate: University of Alberta Bachelor of Science, Biology major graduated 1987. • Went to Japan in fall of 1987. • Attended a year of Ryukoku University Bekka (Foreign Student) program. • Received Tokudo Ordination in fall of 1988. • Enrolled at Central Buddhist Academy (Chuo Bukkyo Gakuin) in April, 1989. • Graduated from Central Buddhist Academy Honka level (Primary level) 1990. • Entered Ryukoku University Post Graduate studies April 1990. • Received Kyoshi Ordination May 1990. • February 1992, completed the Masters Program in Shinshu StudiesRead More →

The Steveston Buddhist Temple is a community of people joined together through Shinjin, faith in the Amida Buddha. As Jodo Shinshu Buddhists, we seek to be humble and sincere in words and deeds, to be responsible citizens of our society and to share with others the teachings of Shinran Shonin. Understanding fully the principle of causality, we do not practice petitionary prayer or magic nor do we depend upon astrology and superstition. Having awakened to the compassion of Amida Buddha and rejoicing in the assurance of Buddhahood, the focus is to live the life of gratitude and service. The objectRead More →

In September, 1928 the Steveston Buddhist Temple was officially organized and the first building was constructed on Second Avenue in Steveston. The temple was dissolved in early 1942 when the Japanese Canadians were forced to move from the West Coast because of World War II. The temple was reformed in March 1952, as many of the Japanese returned to Steveston after the war. In the fall of 1952, the spiritual leader of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, His Eminence Kosho Ohtani and Lady Yoshiko from the Mother Temple in Kyoto, Japan, paid their official visit to Steveston to commemorate the reformation ofRead More →