The Living Dharma Centre Book Club.

The Living Dharma Centre Book Club will be starting again on March 1, 2018. The book that we will be reading and discussing is “Dharma Breeze” by Nobuo Haneda, a noted and respected Shin Scholar. This is an interesting and clear series of essays on Shin Buddhism grouped into 4 sections: Amida Buddha, The Pure Land, True Practice and General Topics. For this book no prior Buddhist knowledge is required or necessary.
Within this book club we have everyone from absolute beginners in the study of the Buddha Dharma to more advanced learners. There are no wrong comments, only an opportunity to see differing points of view and to possibly open all of our eyes a bit. At no time are you required to comment, however this is a wonderful opportunity to learn and share and the more comments that are made, the better it will be for everyone.
Please join us in reading and discussing “Dharma Breeze”.
To join, please contact Barb MacCarl at . Once you join an email will be sent to you outlining how to read and submit comments and the timing of the readings. Starting a bit late should not hamper your enjoyment of reading the book and the comments and participating in the online discussions.
The book is available in very limited quantities from Toronto Buddhist Church (contact Amy Wakisaka: or Barb MacCarl in Kelowna Also, available from the BCA bookstore in Berkeley (Not available in E format or through Chapters).