Wisteria Senior Health and Housing Society


From 2013 to 2016 the temple had a ’20/20 committee’ to decide what to do with the land at the back of the Temple. In 2016 the Temple members voted to develop a senior housing project on the land, and so WSHHS was created, to own and manage the new facility.

It took three more years of meetings once a week or more to work out a detailed plan, obtain all City approvals and permits, secure funding through BC Housing and find a company that will operate the facility.

As of July 2019 construction has started, and completion will take about 18 months, so the Senior Home should open in early 2021. During this time marketing materials will be developed and a display suite may be ready.  Also there will be renovations of the existing Temple as part of this project.

We thank all members for their support during this long process, and hope the upcoming construction and renovations will not be too much of an inconvenience. We are very exited that this project is now becoming a reality, as it will allow us to support and build the Community, and sustain our Temple well into the future.

Sincerely, WSHHS and SBT Boards.

2013年から2016年までお寺に「20/20委員会」があり、お寺の裏の敷地の使用法を考えてきましたが、そこにシニアホームを建設することが2016年の会員投票により決定されました。そしてそれに基づきWSHHS (Wisteria Senior Health and Housing Society) が設立され、それが新しい施設を所有することになりました。