Dana (Giving) – Fuse Seven Gifts of Spiritual Dana (Muzai No Shichise) Zaise Giving of Money or Materials Shinse The Dana of the Body (with Physical Work) Hose Giving of the Buddha Dharma Aigose The Dana of Words (with Loving Words) Muise Giving of Peace of Mind Shinse The Dana of the Heart (with Kind Heart) Gense The Dana of the Eyes (with Kind Look) Wegense The Dana of Gentle Face Shozase The Dana of the Seating Place Boshase The Dana of the Rooms and HouseRead More →

The o-nenju or o-juzu encircles the hands during Gassho, symbolizing our Oneness with Amida Buddha. The o-nenju should be treated with the utmost respect at all times. At home it should be kept in a special drawer near the family Butsudan. At other times, the o-nenju should be carried in the purse or coat pocket so that it will always be available. During the service, when not in use the o-nenju should be held in the left hand.Read More →

It is the Buddhist Teaching that a vow is a sacred obligation, made in firmness of faith and dedication to a noble and unselfish purpose. The vow of a man and a woman to love and sustain one another throughout their years springs from the faith in the goodness of human life and is dedicated to transmitting to future generations the precious gifts of Life and Truth, which you have inherited from your parents. Today the workings of cause and circumstances through many ages have brought the thread of life to the gates of your vows. Remember, dear friends, thatRead More →

SHUSHO-E (New Years Day) – to re-discover the path of enlightenment and make a new resolution. GOSHOKI HOONKO (Shinran Shonin Memorial Day) – to remember and thank Shinran Shonin, the founder of Jodo Shinshu, who passed on January 16, 1262 A.D. NIRVANA DAY – in memory of Shakyamuni Buddha’s passing in Kushinagara in India on February 15, 486 B.C. SPRING AND FALL OHIGAN (Equinox) – to be observed in late March and September to commemorate the goal of enlightenment. HANAMATSURI (Buddha Day) – to celebrate the birth of Siddhartha on April 8, 565 B.C. in Lumbini garden in the presentRead More →