Your Dharma Light Newsletter

Letter of Apology to the Kitagawa Family:

The Steveston Buddhist Temple would like to apologize to Mr. Koichi Kitagawa as well as to the Kitagawa family for a clerical error in the January 2021 Newsletter. Mr. Koichi Kitagawa made  a donation in memory of Mr. Mas Ogawa. Unfortunately, it was put in the newsletter as a donation in memory of Mr. Mas Kitagawa. We apologize to Mr. Koichi Kitagawa, to Mr. Mas Kitagawa, and to the rest of the Kitagawa family for the inconvenience and concern this error has caused for the family and friends who thought something had happened to Mas Kitagawa.

January 2, 2021

Rev. Grant Ikuta, minister

Ted Akune, president

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