The Classroom and Kitchen may be rented for meetings, workshops, parties, etc. Depending on usage, final approval of the rental amount and arrangements will be determined by the Rental Committee and/or the Temple Board.

NOTE: Due to limited space and existing programming, rental availability is limited.

Rentals by non-members require the presence of Temple Staff to help with access and facilities.
No Rentals after 5:30pm

Questions? Please contact Rainer Mehl at

Download Rental Conditions and fillable Application form in PDF format HERE

Rates (hourly)

Members Public
Classroom $25 $50
2 Hours $120 $200
Extra Hours $25 / $50
Hondo (Great Hall)
Please check with Office
SBT Staff (for assistance with rented facilities) $15/Hour

Damage Deposit

Members Public
Kitchen $300 $500
Classroom $200 $300


Classroom $50
Kitchen $30/hr/staff
Cleaning charges to be deducted from security deposit


Renters need to have a minimum of $2,000,000 Liability insurance, with the Temple named as an insured party. You can purchase insurance from Event Policy or from many other vendors


Temple facilities are available for rental by members and the public alike.

Facilities are for non commercial events only.

Food Safe requirements must be met by all renters.

If liquor is to be served, a permit must be acquired and posted prominently.

Renters agree to act in a respectful manner while in the temple and on temple grounds. Function attendees are to behave themselves and refrain from loud or boisterous behaviour upon leaving the temple, so as not to disturb our neighbours.

Kitchen rental is for the facility and appliances only, and does not include utensils, dishes or table cloths.


The renter and the temple must be specific as to what areas of the temple are to be rented.

No rental agreement will be in force unless written documentation, proof of insurance and a damage deposit have been received by the temple.

Initial enquiries must be followed up with a letter, e-mail or fax confirming dates, times, ares to be rented and description of the event to complete the rental agreement.

Any changes to be above must be received at least 48 hours prior to the event.

Renters agree to be responsible to any damages to temple property.

Clean-up must be complete or a Janitorial fee will be subtracted from the Damage deposit.