Our Sensei


Rev. Grant Masami Ikuta

Born: September 1st, 1964, Vancouver, B.C.

Post Secondary Education:

Undergraduate: University of Alberta Bachelor of Science, Biology major graduated 1987.

• Went to Japan in fall of 1987.

• Attended a year of Ryukoku University Bekka (Foreign Student) program.

• Received Tokudo Ordination in fall of 1988.

• Enrolled at Central Buddhist Academy (Chuo Bukkyo Gakuin) in April, 1989.

• Graduated from Central Buddhist Academy Honka level (Primary level) 1990.

• Entered Ryukoku University Post Graduate studies April 1990.

• Received Kyoshi Ordination May 1990.

• February 1992, completed the Masters Program in Shinshu Studies at Ryukoku University

Work Experience:

• Assigned to Canada as Kaikyoshi on September 1st, 1992.

• After spending three weeks at the BCC Headquarters for orientation was assigned as minister to the Toronto Buddhist Church on October 1st, 1992.

• Became the first Canadian Sansei and third generation minister to serve within the BCC.

• 1992 – 1996 Spent just over three years as Associate Minister to the Toronto Temple

• 1996 – 2008 Spent as senior minister at Toronto Buddhist Church.

• February 2000 Led a Pilgrimage of 20 individuals from Canada to the Sacred sites of Sakyamuni Buddha in India and Nepal.

• 2000 – 2005 Major project of building new temple in Toronto.

• August 20th, 2005 Grand opening of new temple in Toronto.

• During close to 16 years in Toronto, served as Buddhist Chaplain at the University of Toronto, Served as on-call Buddhist Contact (Volunteer) to several of the hospitals in Toronto, served as the Chairperson for the Ministerial Association for two terms.

• July, 2008 Transferred to Steveston Buddhist Temple to serve as the resident minister here.

• Presently also involved as an instructor for the English Jodo Shinshu Correspondence Course.

Personal Life:

• Spent parts of childhood growing up in Vancouver, Kyoto, and Calgary.

• Married in 1992. Wife, Noriko was also a student at the Central Buddhist Academy

• Have four children: Arthur Masaaki (17), Dylan Shingo (14), Courtney Ayano (6), Erin Akane (5)

• Hobbies include: sports in general (both playing and watching), avid basketball and hockey fan

• Favourite teams: Toronto Raptors (basketball), Calgary Flames (hockey)

• Love eating and enjoy cooking as well.

• Favourite Japanese word: 忙しい (Isogashii) which means ‘to be busy’ is my favourite word because of the meaning behind the word. The character is composed of 2 halves. The left side ‘小’is known as りっしんべん (risshinben) and it is an abbreviation of the character ‘心’(kokoro), which means ‘heart’ or ‘mind’, ‘the central portion of our being’. The right side‘亡’(nakusu) means to lose. Therefore, when we put the two together and we get the word for busy, 忙しい (Isogashii), which literally means to lose ones’ mind or heart. It is expressing the loss of focus or balance, which is what happens when we are busy.