JSBTC Day Message from JSBTC President Dave Ohori

Our Directors on the JSBTC Board as well as Bishop Aoki and Rev. Grant Ikuta (MA Chair) have been working very hard on the strategic planning for the future as well as on the day to day operations of the JSBTC. One of the major expenses is the medical, health and dental costs to ensure that our Ministers have adequate coverage. As each year passes, we seem to experience significant cost increases for this important coverage. As a Board, we have sent this coverage out for tender and also negotiated for better rates. The Board is always looking for cost reductions and wants to keep temple assessments to a minimum, however, this is becoming more difficult each year.


Our other option is to increase our revenues. JSBTC Day occurs only once each year. This is a day in which local temples designate a special day in their temple calendar for JSBTC Day where all donations from that day are sent to the JSBTC to be used for costs like benefits for our Ministers as well as to support the important and significant work for the kyodan by the Office of the Bishop.


Please remember that the JSBTC is a central organization which supports all Jodo Shinshu Temples across Canada. The organization works closely with the Office of the Bishop to help find and support new ministers for our kyodan which is ultimately a benefit to all member temples. Please take the time to consider donating to the JSBTC for the future of our kyodan and for the much needed and proper support for Ministers.

In Gassho,

Dave Ohori, JSBTC President